The Family Association is an organization created for the benefit of families of JU students. Its mission is to increase communication and involvement between students’ families and the University to support the University’s efforts to provide students with an excellent, well-rounded education at Jacksonville University. We encourage all JU parents and families to join the family association to remain active and involved while your student is enrolled at JU. Whether you live near JU or outside of Jacksonville, we have many ways we look forward to having you involved with Jacksonville University. 

Membership in the Family Association will include a monthly "From the Dean's Desk" update about campus life and an invitation to the annual Family Council meeting during Family Weekend in the fall.

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Private support from JU families is an integral part of JU's ability to provide hands on experience, extracurricular activities, the latest technology and research opportunities, attract top faculty, and provide scholarships. Please consider making a gift today to The JU Fund in honor of your student to help JU achieve its mission and to continue to provide your student the best possible education.

Family Oath of Jacksonville University:
During Matriculation, each family recited the Family Oath of JU. This is something we hold in utmost importance as we appreciate your encouragement and support of your student during their years at Jacksonville University.  The oath reads:

"Supporting my university student through these years of growth and opportunity is  matter of great pride and joy to me. In doing so I promise to: Respect the changes I see in my student by encouraging independence; and Trust in my student to take responsibility for his/her own actions. I will offer help when it is asked of me and encourage my student to access the resources that Jacksonville University provides to fosters/her own success. Most of all, I hope that she/he finds a calling that makes the heart sing and that uses his/her abilities to lead to personal happiness and benefit to the community."

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