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​​Welcome to the Jacksonville Service-Learning Center!  We create opportunities for students to fulfill their service-learning graduation requirements and we record students’ service hours. We work with  faculty to develop service-learning courses that integrate service with academic learning. 

The purpose of the JU service-learning requirement is to engage students in the society in which they live in order to develop students into responsible citizens.  Through service and reflection, students have the opportunity to deepen their academic understanding of course content and to learn about themselves.

Our mission: to promote the integration of service-learning into teaching across all academic disciplines and to encourage students to be more responsible and active citizens by actively engaging them with the society in which they live. 

Experiential Learning (ECHO requirement): Three credit hour courses with service-learning designation help students meet the Experiential Learning Graduation Requirement (2013 catalog onward). These courses promote student learning in the areas of critical thinking, communication, teamwork and diversity knowledge.

Seniors for Spring 2015 Graduation,  the deadlines for submitting service paperwork

  • For all graduating seniors: May 1st, 2015 by noon

Please note that beginning with the 2011-2012 catalog, new students (freshman and transfers) do not need to complete a service requirement for graduation. These students instead have the option of earning a Service-Learning Certificate. Click here for more information. To fill out the form to receive your Service-Learning Certificate click here

For those students still completing the service requirements, please note the Service Guidelines.  The main points you need to know:

  • You must complete and submit a liability form before completing a volunteer activity

  • All paperwork must be submitted within three months of completing a service project.

  • For fundraising activities, such as Relay for Life, service hours may be earned for volunteering at the event or raising funds for the event (simply attending such events will not count toward your service hours).   

The JU Service-Learning Center
Jacksonville University
2800 University Boulevard North

Jacksonville, FL 32211
Telephone: 904- 256-7234


Director of Service-Learning:
Dr. Laura Chambers
Telephone: 904-256-7234


Administrative Assistant
Beth Lantz
Telephone: 904-256-7234