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The summer orientation program welcomes and introduces new students and their families to Jacksonville University. Our orientation program is designed to help incoming students and their families become more familiar with the JU community. Current JU students have an impactful opportunity to help transition our new students to the university as an orientation leader.
Each role is very challenging and deeply rewarding. If chosen, you will assist in the transition process for over 600 new, incoming students to the Jacksonville University community.
Students can assist with orientation as an Orientation Coordinator or Orientation Group Leader. The Orientation Coordinator Application is currently closed and we shall be posting the link for the Group Leader positions soon! For an overview of the roles please review the responsibilities below and check back soon for the link to apply!
General Responsibilities for Orientation Group Leaders include:
  • Return to campus on Friday, August 15th, to prepare for Group Leader Responsibilities
  • Participate actively in all aspects of Group Leader Training in August
  • Attend social activities.
  • Contribute ideas to programs that are being planned
  • Lead new students responsibly and enthusiastically during Move-In and Week of Welcome
  • Lead group discussions as needed
  • Collaborate with faculty for educational activities
  • Read the Common Reading selection and be prepared to help lead a small group discussion with a faculty member
  • Assist Coordinators with all requests for assistance during Training, Move-In and WOW
  • Be flexible and adaptable as circumstances change related to various programs
  • Approach all above responsibilities with a positive attitude, a willingness to work, and a desire to have fun in everything we do.
General Responsibilities for Orientation Coordinators Include:
·         Work in teams and as individuals to facilitate orientation for new students each day of the          program
·         Engender a positive attitude and sense of enthusiasm about the university
·         Lead activities that will help students become better acquainted with one another and the
·         Serve as a role model for incoming students
·         Engage with new students, as well as family members/guests of new students, in a          professional and positive manner
·         Commitment and contribution to the Coordinator Team, including encouragement and
        support for other Coordinators during peak times of responsibility
·         Aid with Selection and Training of Group Leaders
·         Selection and implementation of Theme for Orientation
·         Manage budget for specific areas and programs within responsibilities
·         Coordinate facility and equipment needs for all programs within responsibilities
·         Attend Team and University meetings, as well as individual meetings with Staff Advisor
Specific Positions:
Community Development Coordinator
Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator
Educational Programming Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Group Leader and Outreach Coordinator
The application for the Orientation Coordinator positions is now closed but please check back for the link to apply to be an Orientation Group Leader.