MSC 2014 Summer Camp IS FULL !
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                       Marine Science Summer Camp ~
June 16-20, 2014 (Week 1)

                       Marine Science Summer Camp 2~ 
June 23-27, 2014 (Week 2)
The camps, held in conjunction with the St. Johns Riverkeeper, will provide students the opportunity to explore marine science from the estuary to the coastal environment using field trips along the St. Johns River and NE Florida, as well as laboratory analysis of samples collected in the field.
Attendees will be involved in all aspects of investigating marine environments including:

         * Choosing sampling methodology and sites through monitoring water chemistry
         * Collecting, identifying and enumerating fish and invertebrate species
         * Presenting the collected data in graphical format
Students will gain hands-on experience with standard marine science collection and monitoring equipment {e.g. electronic monitoring equipment (YSI or similar devices), plankton nets, seine nets, trawls, box cores, ponar grabs}, as well as laboratory analysis methods. Week One will focus on the St. Johns River and Week Two will focus on Northeast Florida coastal habitats. The camps are independent and students can attend one or both camps.
Camp sessions will be led by the Jacksonville University Marine Science faculty along with Duval County Public Schools and the St. Johns Riverkeeper staff. And JU undergraduate marine science majors will also be on hand to assist the faculty. Possible field trips include outings to the St. Johns River in downtown Jacksonville, Little Talbot Island, Ft. George Inlet, Matanzas Bay, Huguenot Park, Hannah Park and Mayport. Daily activities will include lunch in the JU Café and recreational time at the pool.​
MSC  2012 Summer Camp Activities/Agenda​
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MS SUMMER CAMP June 18-22,​ 2012​


MS SUMMER CAMP June 25-29, 2012