The Smithsonian Marine Station in Fort Pierce, FL is accepting applications for a full-time Marine Education Aid. See attached posting for details. The application deadline is Friday January 3rd, 2014.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for additional information.
Cristin Ryan-Krasco
Marine Biology Educator/Volunteer Coordinator
Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit
(772) 465-3271
Coastal Marine Education and Research Academy (CMERA)

Want to gain hands-on marine research experience in Florida this summer while advancing your interest in natural science, padding your resume, receiving credit hours (see below), and having tons of fun?  Here is your opportunity!!!

The Coastal Marine Education and Research Academy (CMERA) is offering weekly sessions of natural science field research in the beautiful Clearwater, Florida  area.  Most other research or internship opportunities available to you this summer will require long hours of lab work with little to no field work.  We are offering a 100% field research opportunity.  Come spend as many weeks as you would like with CMERA this summer and everyday will be spent on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico.  As we conduct research on sharks and rays we will be catching and handling wild animals (sharks, stingrays, other fishes, crabs, and many other marine organisms) while learning about their anatomy and ecology.  You will also attend lectures on our local ecosystems (sea grass beds, mangrove forests, coral reefs, artificial reefs, sand flats, and estuaries) and the animals that live in each habitat so that you will better recognize each aspect of the ecosystem and the animals as you experience them!!  You will also learn about and gain experience in the difficulties of designing and conducting field research, which is especially useful for those of you pursuing a career in research or continuing on to graduate school.  The hands-on experience you will gain during this program is applicable to all scientific careers!

There are other opportunities available to you if you want to work in a lab this summer, but we are the only organization that offers 100% field experience!!  While lab work is very important in science, we believe that in the natural science disciplines filed work is equally as important.  We believe that to truly learn about an organism or an ecosystem you must spend time with it in its natural habitat.  This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in any discipline of the natural sciences! 

We will provide email addresses, by request, of previous participants, if you would like to speak to a previous student.

Go to for more information and to apply for this amazing opportunity!!  Space is limited!  
Come for 3 weeks and receive the 4th week free! 
NEW:  6 month tuition payment option available to make this more financially available to all students! 
Check us out on YouTube:

Credit hours:
 CMERA does not directly provide credit hours toward your degree, BUT you may be able to receive credit through your college or university for the summer program.  Discuss this with your advisor.  Most institutions offer hours listed as independent research or directed study for this kind of summer opportunity.  They may also require you to attend a certain number of weeks in order to be eligible for credit. We will provide you a letter of completion or other confirmation that may be required by your school.

Contact us:
  If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to email us at
(843) 246-0750
If you are looking for a summer internship working with international teams of scientists on biodiversity surveys in the Amazon, South Africa, Madagascar, Caribbean or other sites then please have a look at  If any of these opportunities look of interest please complete an Expression of Interest -see and one of the Opwall academic team will get back to you with more information. Please note there are also opportunities for combining expedition medicine training with biodiversity surveys - see  The Operation Wallacea team are looking for keen undergraduates to join these wildlife survey teams but you need to be willing to travel to remote overseas locations and often work in fairly tough conditions.
A list of opportunities are now available on the FIO website: They can be filtered by Job Opportunities, Fellowship Opportunities, Funding Opportunities, Postdoctoral Opportunities, Student Opportunities and Miscellaneous Opportunities. Please check frequently as these are updated with frequently (at least weekly).

I represent Clemson University's Youth Learning Institute.  The Spring season is fast approaching and we are looking to hire recent graduates in the field of marine science to work with our Expedition Sewee program in Awendaw, SC. The program combines a unique opportunity to work in varied curriculums and educate children in natural resources and marine biology. We work with students from 2nd – 8th grade and instruct in day and night programming.  In addition, we also facilitate team initiatives and games. I have attached a job description of the program in hopes that you will pass it along to your former students or students who will soon be graduating in December.  In the past we have appreciated the assistance you have given us in finding good staff for our programs, and hope that you are willing to continue to help. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me by email or phone.  Thank you for your time and I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!
Shannon Repokis 
Youth Learning Institute
Clemson University
2047 Barre Hall
Clemson, SC 29634
Phone:  864-376-4201
The Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit in Fort Pierce, FL is seeking applicants for an Animal
Husbandry Internship. This part-time (32 hours/week) internship with stipend will run from late January-May 2014.
Candidates should submit their application to Exhibit Manager Bill Hoffman by November 27th, 2013. Please see the attached posting for details.
[FMSEA] WaterVentures Florida's Learning Lab Internship and Educator Postions Available
We are currently looking for a full time Educator as well as a full time Intern.  Both positions are paid and receive a food stipend.  The Internship is a semester long commitment while the Educator is a contract position.  Please see the attached position descriptions for more information. The deadline for the Educator position is December 1st, 2013.  The Internship is open as it is a recurring position.
Please send resumes to Helen Scott at  

Mote Education Exhibit Coordinator
This position is responsible for coordinating the activities, messaging and content of Mote exhibits.  The exhibits this position is responsible for include: the Mote Mobile Exhibit, a mobile tank display with biofacts, interactives and a touch tank that travels to venues including, but not limited to: schools, fairs, festivals, private engagements and other public events; SeaTrek Exhibits, small travelling exhibits combining informative and intriguing displays on ocean themes with SeaTrek’s award-winning live interactive programming; and onsite exhibit content for temporary and permanent displays.
General Duties:
Duties will include, but are not limited to:  development of new and updates to existing exhibit design, content, curriculum and resource development, training associated with exhibits, and the development,
coordination and delivery of educational initiatives and programs.   The
Education Exhibit Coordinator will assist with setting schedules, logistic arrangements and creation of communications, promotions and graphics associated with exhibits. This position will work closely with other staff within the Education Department, as well as the Community Relations and Communications Division, Aquarium staff, volunteers, and Development Department.  The Education Exhibit Coordinator will also be responsible for other duties in support of educational initiatives as assigned by the supervisor.
Expectations (The Education Exhibit Coordinator will...):
- Work with Mote staff and scientists assigned to incorporate research findings, educational priorities, and conservation messaging into exhibits, messaging and curriculum.
- Create Mission-based programs that are aligned with Mote Marine Laboratory’s 2020 Vision and Strategic Plan, and meet accepted industry standards for effective practices. Be sure that all new programs:
  - Include an evaluation plan to ensure program outcomes are being met.
  - Implement mechanisms to provide expanded access to programming for underserved and underrepresented audiences.
  - Increase the number of participants reached by Mote Marine Laboratory through development, delivery and evaluation of education programs.
- Be a representative of Mote Marine Laboratory throughout the community.
Additional responsibilities may include:
- Daily cleaning and maintenance of the Mobile truck, Aquarium, its supporting exhibits and life support systems; strict attention to water quality and animal health; following careful feeding regimes and animal husbandry record keeping.
- Local, regional and national travel for exhibit events, rentals, exhibit set-up and breakdown, and training.
Laboratory Category:  Exempt
Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor’s degree in education, science, or related field. Graduate degree or master’s coursework preferred.
- 3 years experience in nonformal science education program development and delivery.
- Exhibit development and design
- Content writing and editing, including curriculum and lesson plans
- Computer knowledge (Excel, Word, Access)
- Experience demonstrating the ability to:
  - Manage staff, volunteers and interns.
  - Communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  - Work occasional long hours at outdoor locations in hot/cold weather, high humidity, intense sunlight and wet weather while responsible for students and/or teachers.
  - Carry/move heavy objects.
- Florida driver’s license (or eligibility to obtain one upon arrival).
U.S. citizenship or foreign citizen’s U.S. work permit appropriate for the work.
Preferred Qualifications:
- Knowledge of aquarium life support systems and one year of aquatic animal husbandry experience
- First aid, CPR, lifeguard certifications.
- SCUBA (beginner level) certified (experience snorkeling/SCUBA with
- Spanish language proficiency.
Physical Requirements:
- Stamina for working occasional long hours at outdoor locations in hot/cold weather, high humidity, intense sunlight, and wet weather
- Vision must be correctable to allow safe vehicle operation.
- Ability to spend the majority of the workday driving.
- Ability to climb stairs and work in cramped conditions.
- Ability to work with fish and aquatic invertebrates.
- Ability to work around noisy equipment.
- Ability to safely lift 70 lbs.
- Ability to lift 25 lbs overhead.
Core Competencies and Characteristics:
Our ideal candidate is an honest, caring, and professional educator with a killer work ethic and a contagious, positive energy. S/he is a dynamic presenter, a tireless innovator, and an enthusiastic collaborator and networker who believes deeply in Mote and its mission.
The Education Exhibit Coordinator is supervised directly by the Director of Education at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
The Education Exhibit Coordinator is responsible for indirectly supervising the part-time Education staff and Exhibit drivers, fabricators, and contractors; as well as high school student interns, college interns, and adult volunteers. The Coordinator trains and evaluates all staff, interns, and volunteers under their supervision.
Hiring Conditions:
The hiring of a successful candidate for this position is conditional on a background check.
The Education Exhibit Coordinator will be considered for promotion if higher level or comparable job becomes available.  There are no automatic or ordered promotional steps for this job as it reports directly to the Director.
Working Hours:
The normal workweek for a full time employee is considered to be a minimum of forty hours, however greater emphasis is placed on meeting the responsibilities of the position rather than working a specified number of hours.
Regular working hours are 8AM to 5PM with one hour for lunch, however, this schedule is highly variable; weekend duty and travel is required.
Interested applicants should submit as a single electronic file, 1) a
cover letter, 2) resume or CV, and 3) the names and contact information
for three references, before 5pm November 22, 2013 to
  Alternatively, a single package of all
requested elements may be submitted to Mote Marine Laboratory, Attn:
Human Resources, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34236.