This might be a useful resource to bookmark--for those who want to be able to correctly identify corals and coral reef fish in South Florida. Note that the images are copyrighted (so don't pull them out to use them elsewhere) but that the powerpoints and other documents can be used for non-commercial (i.e. educational) purposes.

New aids for identifying the species of corals and fishes in the wider Caribbean that can occur in AGRRA surveys are now available for downloading at:

Many new photographs and, for the corals, a few taxonomic revisions are included in these materials.

Marine Life Encyclopedia

Oceana recently launched a searchable Marine Life Encyclopedia ( The encyclopedia contains easily digestible information and photos of over 500 marine creatures. The encyclopedia also includes information about types of reefs, tectonics, winds and waves, tides, etc.  We licensed the content from an ocean encyclopedia by Dorling Kindersley, one of the world's leading educational publishers.​