dolphin small
Rosemarie Borkowski
D.V.M., University of Florida.
Veterinary Medicine, Biology and Medicine of Birds, Marine and Terrestrial Mammals, Diseases of Zoo and Wildlife Species, Human Anatomy and Physiology.
brittlestar small
Lee Ann J. Clements
Ph.D., University of South Carolina.
Biological Oceanography, Physiological Ecology and Regeneration in Invertebrates.
seaweed small
Nisse Goldberg
Ph.D., University of Western Australia.
Marine and Terrestrial Ecology with a Focus on Seaweeds, Fungi, Lichen, and Plants.
microscope small
Karen E. Jackson
Ph.D., University of Florida.
Immunology, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology.
Daniel A. McCarthy
Ph.D., King's College, University of London, England.
Marine Ecology, Invertebrate Zoology, Reproduction of Marine Organisms.
cyano small
Anthony J.A. Ouellette
Ph.D., University of Minnesota.
Toxic Cyanobacteria, Molecular Microbiology, Biochemistry.


Jeremy Stalker
Ph.D., Florida International University
Isotope Geochemistry, Marine Geochemistry
monkey small
E. Natasha Vanderhoff
Ph.D., University of Louisville.
Behavioral Ecology, Foraging, Animal Communication, Ornithology, Tropical Ecology, Primatology.

Manatee-cropped_small.jpg A. Quint White, Jr.
Ph.D., University of South Carolina.
Invertebrate Zoology, Marine Ecology, Ecology and Life History of Manatees.

manatee aerial Gerard Pinto
Ph.D., Plymouth Polytechnic, Plymouth, England.
Aquaculture, Marine Ecology, and Ecology and Life History of Manatees.
Algae Taxifolia sp small John Heine
M.S., California State University.
Marine Science, Phycology, and Scientific Scuba Diving.
turtle small Heather McCarthy
M.E.M., Duke University.
Coastal Environmental Management and Policy, Sea Turtles, Non-native Species, and Nature Writing.

Kalaitzis Patti

Patti Kalaitzis
Bachelor of General Studies, minor in Psychology and Sociology, Jacksonville University
Administrative Associate, Marine Science Research Institute

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M. Gabriela Block Laboratory Technician

Rody Borg, Ph.D. Professor of Economics

Rose Borkowski, DVM Associate Professor of Biology

Lee Ann J. Clements, Ph.D. Professor of Biology and Marine Science

Nisse Goldberg, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Biology and Marine Science

Daniel A. McCarthy, Ph. D. Director, Marine Science Program, Assistant Professor of Biology & Marine Science

Ray Oldakowski, Ph.D. Professor of Geography, Director, Social Science Research Center

Anthony Ouellette, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Biology and Marine Science

Gerard Pinto, Ph. D. Associate Research Scientist

Hassan Pordeli, Ph.D. Professor of Economics

Lucinda B. Sonnenberg, Ph.D. Director Millar Wilson Laboratory for Chemical Research, Research Associate Professor of Chemistry

Jeremy Stalker, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Marine Science

Alex Waters Pre-College Program Director, Duval County Public Schools

A. Quinton White, Ph.D. Executive Director, Marine Science Research Institute, Professor of Biology and Marine Science


If you need any further assistance, please feel free to call Pati Kalaitzis, Administrative Associate to the Marine Science Research Institute at (904) 256-7766 or e-mail pkalait@ju.edu.​​​​