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Student Comments

“The idea of being able to learn about various disciplines in one major was just fantastic. They all just happened to be some of my favorites – art, literature, philosophy, science, and culture. Loved it!”
     --Misha Kahn, Humanities and Communications double major, JU Class of 2013
“ I chose the Humanities as a major because it opened doors to many fascinating aspects of people and their culture, while establishing valuable critical thinking skills as I make the leap from JU to law school and then to the workforce”
      --Thomas Nessler, Humanities major, JU Class of 2013
         Texas  A & M Law School, Class of 2016
“I took humanities initially because it was a required course. However, my first class, with Prof. Owens, was much more than I expected. I loved so much being able to incorporate all of the arts into one class and Prof. Owens made it so electrifying, that I decided to make humanities my major! Currently, I have found that my humanities background has helped to foster my creativity in my current law studies." 
     --Vivian Williams, Humanities major, JU Class of 2010
        Florida Coastal School of Law J.D. Candidate, Class of 2015 
“The decision to pursue Humanities as my undergraduate major not only introduced me to extremely talented individuals, but allowed me to creatively apply myself to the study of many disciplines and their connections. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to study different cultural expressions throughout history. As a result of my study of humanities, I gained valuable experience that allowed me to transition into graduate school, the corporate business world, and my current museum work. I am also able to continue my studies in archaeology as I prepare to attend field school. I firmly believe the study of humanities, being both well-rounded and analytical, has allowed me to become a competitive and successful individual in a struggling economic market.”
     --Lacy Gillette, Humanities major, JU Class of 2007
       M.A. in Egyptian Art & Archaeology, University of Memphis, 2009
       currently Development Assistant, New Britain Museum of American Art, CT
“I had never critically examined women’s professional role in western society before taking [the “Women in the Humanities”] class and it made me more conscious of women’s issues and contributions. The humanities has helped throughout my career and some of the books we read I still own! Thanks for the great experience.”
     --Sara Beth Keough, Humanities major, JU Class of 1999
       Associate Professor of Geography, Saginaw Valley State University (Michigan)