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General Program Description

Drawing upon the humanities, fine arts, social and natural sciences, the Humanities major/minor offers a broad and diverse educational experience. With topics ranging from ancient cultures to modern times and from scientific concerns to social concerns, Humanities binds together those disciplines and ideas that lie at the heart of a liberal education. By majoring in Humanities, students discover the best that has been written, thought, and constructed in the Western and non-Western worlds and, in doing so, explore what it means to be a human being.​  Small class sizes allow for close faculty-student interaction.

What Can You Do with a Humanities Degree?

Students who graduate with an interdisciplinary humanities degree can be found in numerous professions and have the basis to understand just about anything pertaining to culture, including history, literature, the ideas of great thinkers, and the visual and performing arts.  Our graduates are good writers and critical thinkers who can analyze information gathered from a variety of sources and apply multiple perspectives to problem solving. Pairing an interdisciplinary humanities major with a second discipline-specific major can further enhance a graduate's ability to adapt to changing career opportunities.  In short, the career options with an interdisciplinary degree are limitless.  We have graduates who are now employed in the following areas:

  • Business (including business ownership and international business)
  • Consultancy firms (reflecting a variety of fields)
  • Education
  • Government (U.S. Congressional aids, Foreign Service, Diplomatic Corps)
  • Law and Legal Affiliates
  • Medicine
  • Museums
  • Travel and Hospitality Services
  • Veterinary Medicine