Dolphin JU 101 page.png    JU 101: The Dolphin Experience                       
         Pushing through green waters                                        Dolphins are ~ able to leap to great heights... 
         Symbol of joy                                                                                               ~ highly intelligent and very sociable
         You leap from the depths                                                                            ~  powerful, yet protective of each other
         To touch the sky                          
         Scattering spray
         Like handfuls of jewels
                                 Horace Dobbs
v  The overall goal of this course is to help you develop essential skills for creating
      success in college and beyond.
v  This course is designed to be an experiential learning voyage.
v  In this course you will become responsible partners in your own educational journeys,
      learning about and developing as persons and as students.
v  Through these shared experiences you will enhance both your personal and academic skills.
v  You will form lasting social and academic bonds with fellow peers and the JU faculty.
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Department of Academic Engagement