The following is a comprehensive list of Computing Science course offerings. For a recommended sequence of courses for major or minor please check the Computing Science Program. Please hover over the course title to get a brief description of that course.
CS150 Personal Productivity Usin​g Technology
CS158 Application Development I
CS160 Application Development II
CS170 Introduction to Scientific & Engineering Programming
CS199 Introduction to Special Topics in Computing Sciences
CS210 Web Applications I
CS220 Introduction to Computer Systems
CS245 Algorithms
CS300 Advanced Programming
CS303 Operating Systems
CS305 Human Computer Interaction
CS309 Mobile Applications
CS330 Networks & Telecommunications
CS340 Data Structures
CS350 Computer Organization
CS355 Programming Languages
CS360 Database Design & Development
CS365si System Analysis & Logical Design
CS366 Physical Design & Implementation
CS376si Social Issues and Professional Practice
CS380 Web Programming
CS395 Software Engineering
CS405 Artificial Intelligence
CS440 Special Topics
CS450 Modeling and Simulation
CS455 Project Management & Practice
CS490 Computing Sciences Internship