All students intending to major in Visual Arts must meet the Jacksonville University requirements for admissions and must complete an official application with the University's Admissions office.

Additionally, students applying for admission into the Visual Arts must gain admission into the chosen degree program through a portfolio review process.


The portfolio review will be a short, private meeting with faculty members. While an in-person review is recommended, electronic reviews with telephone contact prior to review are also accepted.  Your portfolio should consist of 10 to 20 examples of recently completed art work, which reflects your interests, experience, and abilities. The portfolio has three parts: Contact Information, Artist Statement of Intent or Director’s Statement, and Artwork Samples.


Part 1 – Contact Information. Please include all of the following:

Name, Mailing Address, Contact Telephone No., and Email address.


Part 2 – Artist Statement of Intent or Director’s Statement

Include a short 100-150 word statement summarizing your artistic interest and what is being submitted in your portfolio. Be sure to answer/address the following:

  • Clarify your media choices (why do you work in your media of choice?)
  • Where do you see your work going conceptually or thematically?
  • What do you wish to communicate through your work?
  • Who are you (who do you want to be) as an artist or director?
  • What do you look to gain from your undergraduate studies in visual arts?


Also, be sure to name an area of intended concentration chosen from the following list:

·       B.F.A. in Animation – Concentration is Animation

·       B.F.A. in Art – Concentrations include Ceramics, Glass, Graphic Design, Photography, or Sculpture

·       B.A. in Art – Concentrations include Ceramics, Glass, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, or Sculpture

·       B.A. in Film – Concentration is Film


Part 3 – Artwork Samples

This section should consist of 10 to 20 examples of recently completed artwork. Images should be inserted in plastic sleeves and bound in a 3-ring binder or cover. If submitting your portfolio electronically, works should be numbered and titled. Please make sure to submit a slide sheet with your CD/DVD. If you are submitting digital photos of physical work, please ensure they are of the highest quality/No cell phone pictures, please. Depending on the media represented in your portfolio, please follow the below guidelines:

  • For 2-Dimensional works, physical samples are desired, un-mounted originals (8x10 inch minimum).
  • For 3-Dimensional works, physical samples are desired.
  • For 4-Dimensional works, include a CD or DVD with digital files of animations, web design, films, etc.

Note: For all media and work samples, if physical samples are unavailable, hard copy digital prints and/or digital portfolio is acceptable. Digital artwork may be submitted in jpg, power point slideshow or pdf formats.

All images and/or digital files should be numbered and labeled.

Slide Sheet: Submit a separate sheet of paper, or electronic file indicating the corresponding number, title, medium, size, and date of completion for each artwork sample.

Portfolios are reviewed within the Division of Visual Arts and returned to Admissions for student retrieval.

Audition Dates:
•Friday, January 24, 2014
•Friday, February 14, 2014
•Saturday, March 8, 2014
•Friday, April 11, 2014​



Appointments are required -- call us at (800) 225-2027 ext. 7000 at least 24 hours in advance. To register for an Open House or for more information please contact the Fine Arts representative, Cheryl Peters at cpeters12@ju.edu