Logo-Graphic[1].gifThe majestic oak trees that grace the JU campus inspired its seal, symbol, and icon. A universal representation, the oak tree embraces both Jacksonville University’s spirit and commitment to the future, as well as its history, heritage, and values. As a symbol, the oak is significant in many cultures, representing strength, courage and truth. For ancient Germanic tribes, oak groves were places of worship. In Greek and Roman mythology, the tree was sacred to the oak god Zeus/Jupiter and to his marriage to the oak goddess Hera/Juno. In Celtic legend, the oak was considered a mystical tree. As a Christian symbol, the oak is associated with steadfast faith and virtue. In addition, the oak is a symbol of great achievement, accomplished through patience, dedication, perseverance, and commitment to the truth. The oak tree now is the centerpiece of the University seal.

The oak leaf depicted in our symbol and icon was designed by gathering actual oak leaves from the campus, scanning them into a computer, and creating a composite JU oak leaf. The oak tree employed in the seal was inspired by these same trees in their mature state and replicates the JU leaf design.