The MS in Organizational Leadership (MS-OL) is a 30 credit hour program designed for experienced professionals wanting the practical knowledge and skills for leading people engaged in large scale innovation, change and transformation initiatives within organizations.  It is particularly appropriate for technical and functional specialists who are preparing for greater leadership responsibilities of project teams and groups.  HR professionals responsible for developing leadership talent and internal or external consultants involved in large projects will also find the program invaluable.



The MS-OL provides many opportunities to apply concepts and tools through case studies and hands-on experience in leading teams engaged in such strategic initiatives as new product and business development, international expansion, and mergers & acquisitions. Students gain a thorough appreciation of their own leadership styles and create leadership development plans.   

The MS-OL program  consists of  8 credit hour of Foundation Courses and 22 hours of Core Graduate Business Courses.

Foundation Courses

 Code Course   Credit
 ACCT 500*  Essentials of Accounting  2
 DSIM 500*  Essentials of Quantitative Methods  2
 ECON 500*  Essentials of Economics  2
 FIN 500*  Essentials of Finance  2
   Subtotal:  8 

Core Graduate Business Courses

 Code Course  Credit 
 DSIM 570  Optimizing Operations Management  2
 MGT 550  Leading Organizations  2
 MGT 566  The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business  3
 MGT 571  Executive Communications  2
 MGT 578  Managing Corporate Innovation  2
 MGT 600  Leadership Development Portfolio  1
 MGT 610  Strategic Human Resource Management  3
 MGT 630  Teamwork and Organizational Change  3
 MGT 553  Global Corporate Strategy I  2
 MGT 554​  Global Corporate Strategy II​  2​
   Subtotal: 22
   Total:  30


 * May take higher level discipline course as a substitute.


For a list of admission requirements to the MS-OL program, see  Graduate Admission - MS-OL Program Admission in the Admissions section of this catalog.


  • Tuition per credit hour - $664 (Fall 2013 – Summer 2014)
  • Books – per course (estimated) - $150-250
  • All students are required to have a laptop computer

Students must successfully complete all course work no later than five (5) years after the completion of the first graduate-level course taken after entrance into the program.​​​