The BBA in Sport Business prepares the student to enter the industry at a variety of levels including community, scholastic, collegiate and professional positions. Opportunities in the Sport Business profession range from marketing, finance and management to sponsorship, public relations or communications. The core business courses provide the basis for students to progress to a collection of Sport Business courses that emphasis the diverse nature of the industry along with requirements to approach the decision-making process using a quantitative approach. 



Students majoring in sport business must complete the University Core and Davis College of Business Core Curriculum requirements. In addition, they must take the following courses: 

Code Course Credit
SPO 300 Introduction to the Business of Sport 3
SPO 320 Sport Facility and Event Management  3
SPO 450 Sport Law and Compliance 3
SPO 460 Sport Business Strategy 3
XX xxx​ Two (2) additional business elective courses 6​
chosen from: ​
SPO 303, SPO 490, MKG 333, MKG 336, MGT 360,  ​
or courses approved by faculty advisor​
                                                                                  Total:​ 18​




 A minor in sport business requires that the student take SPO 300: Introduction to the Business of Sport and nine (9) credit hours of additional sport business courses chosen with the written approval of a sport business faculty member.
Code Course Credit
SPO 300 Introduction to the Business of Sport 3
                                                                         Subtotal: 3

Choose three (3) three-credit hour courses from the sport business courses below:

Code Course Credit
SPO 301 Sport Finance and Economics
SPO 303 International Aspects of Sport
SPO 320 Sport Facility and Event Management
SPO 370 Sport Promotion and Technology
SPO 450​ Sport Law and Compliance
SPO 460 Sport Business Strategy​
Subtotal:​  9
Total: 12





















​ ​​