SPO 300. Introduction to the Business of Sport (3)
This course surveys the business of sport including the administration, marketing, ethics, governance and compliance at the community, scholastic, amateur and professional levels. This course also examines the social/cultural history of sports and its influence on our social institutions, politics, the economy, and government.

SPO 301. Sport Finance and Economics (3)
Prerequisites: SPO 300, ECON 201, ECON 202, ACCT 201 and ACCT 202. This course examines and applies the basics of finance and economics to the business of sports and sports leagues. Topics include industry structure, labor relations, economic impact studies and empirical analyses. Financial analysis focusing on the time value of money, return on investment, and valuation as it relates the sport industry will also be covered.

SPO 303. International Aspects of Sport (3)
Prerequisites: SPO 300 and ECON 201. This course presents a global focus on sport by recognizing social issues, the variety of organization and administration of sports across countries at the amateur and professional levels. Topics broaden perspectives and study the global implications related to operating and promoting sports in an international context.

SPO (PE) 320. Sport Facility and Event Management (3)
Prerequisite: SPO 300. This course provides the foundation for sport facility management, event functions, logistics and the financing of venues. The application of legal issues, contracting, marketing and successful promotion within a sport context will also be examined. 

SPO 370. Sport Promotion and Technology (3)
Prerequisites: SPO 300, MKG 301 and DSIM 203RI. This course addresses sport promotion and public relations using a technology and e-commerce approach. Topics include strategic planning, marketing information management, communication, customer acquisition, event promotion and sales, monetization of brand sponsorship and the use of innovative promotional techniques.

SPO (PE) 450. Sport Law and Compliance (3)
Prerequisites: SPO 300 and MGT 321. This course covers sports law issues at the scholastic, collegiate and professional levels. Topics include compliance with governing bodies, labor and antitrust law, contracts related to sponsorships, athletes and events, and ethical decision-making.

SPO 460. Sport Business Strategy (3)
Prerequisites: senior status, SPO 320 and SPO 370. This course serves as the senior-level capstone course. Students will be required to develop and produce a comprehensive project utilizing concepts learned in previous sport business courses.

SPO (PE) 490. Internship in Sport Business (var. 1-6; max 6)
Junior of senior status required. 5-15 hours per week. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and 3.0 in major. For additional information, see the introduction to the Davis College of Business section in this catalog . (May be repeated for a maximum of 6 total credits.)