The International Studies minor combines introductory global courses and interdisciplinary area studies courses. The area studies (IS) courses examine the culture, economics, geography, history, politics, and society of regions and nations outside the United States. The IS minor complements most majors offered at the University and contributes to preparation for a variety of professions in an increasingly globalized economy.



 An International Studies minor consists of the following courses: 

Code Course Credit
GEOG 200 World Geography 3
POL 208 International Politics 3



AND four (4) International Studies courses selected  from the following 3-credit hour courses: 

Code Course Credit
IS 300   Russia   
IS 301  Africa  
IS 302   East Asia   
IS 303 Middle East   
IS 304   The Caribbean   
IS 305   Special Topics   
IS 306  Mexico and Central America   
IS 320 Modern China   
IS 325 Southeast Asia  
IS 326 Vietnam   
IS 327 The Philippines    
IS 334 Australia   
IS 336 Canada   
IS 355 Argentina   
IS 356 Brazil   
IS 361 Latin America   
IS 362 Ecuador   
                                                                                  Subtotal:​ 12​
​                                                                                         Total: 18​

International Studies Minor Requirement Notes:
  • ENGL 103, HIST 150, and sophomore status are prerequisites for all IS courses.​