Jacksonville University students are expected to adhere to the highest standard of academic honesty. Academic misconduct is defined as follows:

Any form of cheating, including concealed notes during exams, copying or allowing others to copy from an exam, students substituting for one another in exams, submission of another person’s work for evaluation, preparing work for another person’s submission, unauthorized collaboration on an assignment, submission of the same or substantially similar work for two courses without the permission of the professors. Plagiarism is a form of Academic Misconduct that involves taking either direct quotes or slightly altered, paraphrased material from a source without proper citations and thereby failing to credit the original author. Cutting and pasting from any source including the Internet, as well as purchasing papers, are forms of plagiarism. (Warshauer, M., 2002.)*

* Matthew Warshauer, History Department, Central Connecticut State University, Academic Misconduct/Plagiarism Questionnaire

See Grade Appeal Process in this catalog for more information.​