The Teacher Education Minor is designed to satisfy certification requirements to teach in public schools in the State of Florida at the Middle and Secondary Education grades 6-12, Foreign Language, Music and Dance grades K-12 leads to fulfillment of the Florida Department of Education’s (FLDOE) certification requirements.

All Teacher Education Minor students are assigned a Teacher Education Advisor.



The Teacher Education Minor is comprised of the following 15 credit hours with a grade of “C” or higher required in each course.

Code Course Credit
EDU 102 Human Development & Learning 3
EDU 401 Measurement, Evaluation & Assessment in 3
EDU 432​ Effective Instructional Strategies *​ 3​
EDU 457​ Mainstreaming and Classroom Management​ 3​
EDU 486​ Reading & Learning Skills in the Content Areas for ​ 3​
Middle & High School Teachers​
                        Total: 15


* Students seeking certification in Foreign Language, Music or Dance must replace EDU 432: Effective Instructional Strategies with one of the following courses:

Foreign Language Majors​ EDU 485​ Methods of Teaching Foreign Language K-12​
(Independent Study through Foreign Language Dept.)​
Music Majors​ MUS 361 Methods of Teaching Music in the Elementary School​
  or MUS 363​ Methods of Teaching Music in the Secondary School​
Dance Majors​ DANC 335​ Dance Teaching Methods​