• Coverage for August 1 through July 31
  • Full-time traditional undergraduate and international students
  • Cost subject to change by vendor

All full-time traditional undergraduate students are required to maintain health insurance coverage while attending Jacksonville University. Students who have private coverage may submit a Student Health Insurance Waiver form with proof of coverage (copy of front and back of insurance card) to the Controller's Office by the published deadlines and they will not be added to the group coverage provided through the University. If no waiver is provided by the published deadline for the respective term (August 31, 2012 for Fall 2012; January 18, 2013 for Spring 2013; May 15, 2013 for Summer 2013), the student will be automatically added to the group policy and the charge will be added to their student account.

A one-time deposit required of all new students residing in University residence facilities. The University retains this deposit as long as the student is in residence. Any assessments to the student for damage of University property will be charged directly to the resident student’s account except in the student’s final semester of residency. At the end of the final semester, this deposit is credited to the resident student’s account, and any unused balance is refundable.

LATE PAYMENT INTEREST FEE - 18% interest rate
Interest is charged on the outstanding Tuition and Fee balance not received by the payment deadline for a given semester. This interest fee will be posted to the students account weekly and will continue being incurred until the unpaid balance is paid. At the end of each semester, unpaid accounts will be sent to a collection agency and all additional collection costs will be the responsibility of the student (see additional information on the PAYMENT POLICIES page).

TRANSCRIPT FEE - costs vary
The student or graduate must request transcripts in writing or using their JU E-mail account. Transcripts will not be released if there is a past-due balance on account.

  • Currently enrolled students, former students and alumni may obtain 10 official transcripts per academic year (September through August) at no charge; additional transcripts in excess of 10 are $5 each.
  • Fax unofficial transcripts are $10.00 each
  • Rush service may be suspended during grading, graduation, and registration periods.
  • Rush” transcripts are $25.00 each. 
  • "Rush/Fax" transcripts are $35.00 each.   
  • Rush/Overnight Mail transcripts are $45.00 each.


Resident students receive U.S. mail and official University mail through assigned, on-campus mailboxes in the University Post Office located in the Bartlett-Kinne University Center. Keys are issued during registration. Lost keys should be reported to the post office immediately. If the key is found and returned within two weeks, the student’s account will be credited $3.

LOCK AND KEY FEE - $55 per semester
This charge will be assessed for any University key or lock that is not returned at the end of the semester or when otherwise required to be returned.

The aviation management/flight operations program requires additional fees for certain courses involving flight training. These courses are offered in cooperation with Aerosim Flight Academy.

In order to receive clearance to fly, students must pay flight course fees in full when they register for flight courses. All obligations to the University must be paid or covered with guaranteed financial aid in order to receive a clearance to fly.  Guaranteed financial aid may be applied to flight fees; however, clearance to fly will only be given if the remaining balance, after guaranteed financial aid is considered, has been paid in full. Tuition Payment Plans may not be utilized for flight fees. There are no exceptions to this restriction.

Flight course fees are based on a course allocation table. Because flying is a skill, the student’s actual course cost may vary and is dependent on his or her ability, knowledge, and effort expended toward acquiring pilot certification. Any additional training time for each lesson is not included in the flight fees and must be paid directly to the flight school. It is the student's responsibility to track their account balance at the flight school and to request in advance a cost estimate for completion, if it appears that the student will run out of money before finishing a course. By doing so, students can have sufficient time to procure the additional funds needed and avoid being grounded. Flight course fees are subject to change without notice due to changing FAA requirements and price changes by the Aerosim Flight Academy.

Fuel surcharges: note that fuel surcharges are not included in the above flight course fees. Fuel surcharges are subject to change, up or down, depending on current fuel prices. The Davis Aviation Center has prepared a flight cost sheet that includes the course flight fees, current estimated fuel surcharges and other additional costs (e.g. FAA test fees) that are also not included in the course flight fee. However, the total estimated cost for each course can be used for budgeting purposes and for applying for financial aid, loans and other financing options. The JU Financial Aid Office has been informed of these costs for each flight course. Funds to cover any balances above the listed course flight fee, including fuel surcharges, may be processed through the university's Financial Aid Office or paid directly to Aerosim. To obtain a current flight cost sheet and/or a list of current hourly fuel surcharge rates for each airplane type please contact the JU Aviation Office (904-256-7895).


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