The Computing Sciences program is designed to prepare students with a strong programming foundation and a broad perspective of the discipline. Graduates are at work as systems analysts, systems engineers, programmers, project leaders and management information specialists.


Students pursuing a degree in Computing Sciences must complete the following CS Core, CS Electives, Mathematics and required supporting courses. A minimum grade of “C” is required in any course used as a prerequisite to a CS course. 

CS Core Courses:

Code Course Credit
 CS 158 Application Development I  4
 CS 160 Application Development II  4
 CS 210 Web Applications I  3
 CS 220 Introduction to Computer Systems  3
 CS 340 Data Structures  4
 CS 360 Database Design & Development  4
 CS 365SI Systems Analysis & Logical Design  3
 CS 366 Physical Design & Implementation  3
 CS 455WI Project Management & Practice  3
                                                                                        Subtotal:​  31​

CS Electives:

Code Course Credit
CS xxx Choose three (3) Computing Sciences
(CS) courses numbered 300 or above. 
(May include one (1) internship
and one (1) independent study.)
                                                                                       Subtotal:​ 9

Mathematics Courses:

Code Course Credit
MATH 150 Introductions to Discrete Structures 3
MATH 205   
   or MATH 305
Elementary Statistics
Mathematical Statistics
                                                                                      Subtotal:​ 6​

Supporting Courses:

Course Credit

Students are encouraged to satisfy this requirement by
completing a minor included in the Academic Catalog.
These supporting courses are to be selected as a cohesive
body of knowledge and serve to prepare the student to
function as an IS professional in that environment. The
required supporting courses must have written approval
of the computing sciences faculty.

                                                                                                                     Subtotal:​ 15​
​                                                                                                                           Total: 61​


Students pursuing a minor in Computing Sciences must complete the following CS courses:

Code Course Credit
 CS 158           Application Development I  4
 CS 360 Database Design & Development  4
 CS xxx

Additional 12 credit hours of CS course electives  
including six (6) credit hours numbered 300 or above





Students who plan to teach Computing Sciences on the secondary level should complete the education minor in consultation with the School of Education early in their academic careers to determine the specific requirements.​