Registration is the formal process of selecting, arranging, and reserving the student’s academic schedule for each semester or term in accordance with procedures prescribed by the Registrar. The registration periods are listed in the academic calendar on the Registrar’s Web page on the JU Website.

A student’s registration is not completed until his or her schedule has been approved and recorded by the Registrar’s Office and arrangements to pay all charges on account are approved and cleared by the Controller’s Office. Students who fail to clear accounts with the Controller’s Office may have their registration canceled. Once a student has registered for a class or classes for any term, the student is obligated to pay the required tuition and fees for that term and will receive a grade for each course unless the student executes a formal withdrawal during the 100% refund period..

Although the University reserves the right to cancel the registration of students who fail to attend class or who does not make adequate arrangements to pay their tuition and fees, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure accurate academic records. Registration cancellation does not eliminate the student’s obligation to pay the accrued tuition and fees. The student is responsible for registering for the proper courses.

Early registration is offered to continuing students who have a clear financial account at the time of registration.​​​