After the drop/add period a student may withdraw from a course during a specified withdrawal period. The withdrawal period normally extends until the end of the tenth week of the traditional fall and spring semesters or the fourth week of a summer or accelerated term. Students should consult the academic calendar for exact dates. Withdrawal requests from a course or courses normally will not be considered if received after the last day to withdraw. Exceptions will be granted only upon approval by the appropriate college dean subject to a student appeal based upon an unforeseen and unavoidable emergency that precludes completion of the course or courses.

Withdrawal requests received subsequent to the dates established in the academic calendar as the “Last day to change schedules,” and prior to the “Last day to withdraw” will receive grades of “W.” Grades of “W” will be reflected on the student’s transcript, but are not computed into the student’s GPA. Students who fail to attend a course or courses without filing a withdrawal request will receive a grade of “F” in each course.

To withdraw from a course or courses, a student must complete the Registration/Schedule Change form and submit it to the Registrar's Office or go to Web Advisor and withdraw from the class on-line.  Traditional Freshmen are required to have their advisor sign the withdrawal form.  Student-athletes are required to obtain the signatures on the Student-Athlete Withdrawal form.  

In the case of course withdrawal, the student must ensure that his or her eligibility for financial aid, scholarships, participation in sports or other student activities, work, or any other condition that requires full-time student status at JU is maintained.​