History students gain a chronological perspective on the human experience and develop a broad understanding of human behavior. One cannot understand the world today without some knowledge of history, as so much about contemporary institutions and circumstances is the product of previous events and developments. As they acquire insight into the past, history students also develop their analytical and communication skills. With this kind of preparation, history majors have succeeded in professional fields ranging from law, education, and journalism to business, government, and information management.



History majors must complete the following courses:

Code Course  Credit 
HIST 150  The Modern World
(meets a Core Curriculum requirement)
HIST 165  Western Civilization to 18th Century  3
HIST 206  History of the United States to 1865  3
HIST 207  History of the United States from 1865  3
HIST 300WI  The Technique of History  3
XXXX xxx  Any speech course  3
HIST xxx

Additional 21 credit hours of history courses
at the 300-400 level




History majors are advised to complete HIST 150, HIST 165, HIST 206 and HIST 207 before enrolling in 300-400 level history courses.



A history minor consists of the following courses:

Code Course Credit
HIST 150 The Modern World
(meets a Core Curriculum requirement)
HIST xxx  Additional 12 credit hours of history courses;
at least 9 at the 300-400 level





Students who plan to teach history on the secondary level should consult with the School of Education early in their academic careers to make plans to complete the education minor.​