Jacksonville University is proud of its heritage as a private, independent institution. The University offers a balanced approach to coeducational higher education, combining the best attributes of the liberal arts and sciences tradition and professional studies. As a result, students are equipped not only to succeed in meaningful careers and advanced study at the graduate level, but also to function as well-educated, well-rounded citizens in our modern society. This balanced educational preparation further enables students to respond confidently to changing and evolving career and personal opportunities. Jacksonville University offers a rigorous curriculum that addresses the diverse interests, curiosities, and educational needs of the total person. While its Core Curriculum exposes students to the broad spectrum of human thought and accomplishment, specialization for specific career or life pursuits is provided within the major.

The College of Arts and Sciences, the Davis College of Business and the College of Fine Arts conduct JU’s traditional undergraduate and graduate academic programs. Offering more than 40 majors, the University confers the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education. Pre-professional studies are available for students interested in dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy and veterinary medicine. The Aeronautics Program is offered in cooperation with Delta Connection Academy, owned and operated by Delta Air Lines. 

Jacksonville University maintains a legacy of service to the community. It has been an ardent supporter and provider of cultural and educational programs that enhance the quality of life for Jacksonville and Florida’s First Coast citizens. Recognizing the educational needs of working adults, JU also created baccalaureate programs offered during evening hours, on weekends, at off-campus locations, and in accelerated formats that assist nontraditional students to continue or complete college degrees.

The Accelerated Degree Program administers degree completion options for nontraditional and adult learners. The eight-week accelerated class options offer intensive studies during weekday evenings and on weekends. Students enrolled may earn Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Social Sciences or a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree with majors in Business Administration, Marketing and/or Management.

Graduate programs in business, education, mathematics and nursing infuse the community with highly skilled professionals who are instrumental in strengthening the local economy, improving the quality of elementary and secondary education, and meeting the health care requirements of our citizens. School of Education graduate programs include a 5 year progam leading to a Masters of Education (B.A/M.Ed.) in Elementary Education, as well as a Master of Education (M.Ed.) program with concentrations in Instructional Leadership, Sport Management & Leadership, and Educational Leadership. The School of Nursing offers an R.N.-M.S.N. program, along with a Master of Nursing (M.S.N.) with concentrations in Nursing Education, Nursing Leadership in Healthcare System, Family Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner with Emergency Nurse Specialization and a joint program with the Davis College of Business: Masters of Nursing & Business Administration. Beginning fall, 2011, the School of Nursing will offer the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. The College of Arts and Sciences offers a Masters of Arts (M.A.) in Mathematics. The Davis College of Business has a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) offered in two formats; the evening M.B.A. program and the Executive M.B.A. program.​