Courses for the major are usually offered during the semester indicated in the course description. Students should check the Schedule of Courses each term for changes.


  • No credit by examination
  • All courses are one semester credit, two hours per week.
  • DANC 104 & DANC 112 will also be accepted as one (1) credit activity classes

PE 199.  Independent Study in PE  (1)

PE 123. Beginning Swimming  (1)

PE 155. Longboarding  (1)

PE 156. Cardio Kickboxing  (1) 

PE 157. Introduction to Sailing  (1)

PE 158. Core Training (1)

PE 160. Bowling  (1)

PE 163. Intermediate Tennis  (1)

PE 164. Badminton  (1)

PE 170. Basketball  (1)

PE 202. Advanced Swimming (1)

PE 203. Beginning Tennis (1)

PE 205. Beginning Golf (1)

PE 207. Recreational Games  (1)

PE 208. Soccer  (1)

PE 209. Volleyball  (1)

PE 213. Racquetball  (1)

PE 214. Track & Field  (1)

PE 215. Weight Training  (1)

PE 218. Advanced Golf  (1)

PE 219. Karate  (1)

PE 223. First Aid  (1)

PE 225. Life Guard Training  (1)

PE 226. Water Safety Instructor Training  (1)

PE 227. Scuba Diving  (1)

PE 210. Technology in Physical Education (3)
This course is designed to provide students with knowledge, skills and tools to effectively implement technology in physical education. This course will examine computer and technological advances in exercise prescription, physical fitness testing, media and teaching methods. Students will have the opportunity for hands-on practical applications of technological skills.

PE 256. Introduction to Physical Education, Sports
and Exercise Science (3)

Three hours per week. The underlying principles, philosophy, careers and procedures in the field of physical education, sports and exercise science.

PE 310. Physical Education Curriculum Development and Models (3)
This course provides students with an introduction to physical education curriculum design and models appropriate for the K-12 schools. Students will receive practical experiences related to curriculum design, implementation, and assessment.

PE 311. Rhythmic Activities (3)
Three hours per week. Fundamental dance movements and skills of square, social and folk dancing.

PE 315.  Methods of Creative Movement (3)
Three hours per week. This course provides students the opportunity to develop effective teaching techniques in fundamental dance/rhythmic activities, gymnastics, balance and movement activities that are appropriate for inclusion in the elementary and middle school physical education programs. 

PE 316. Movement Education Methods (3)
This course is designed to allow students to plan, organize and conduct a physical education program for children in elementary schools (K-5). This course will provide students with the foundational knowledge about physical education content, skill themes and movement concepts; how to teach skill themes and movement concepts and fitness concepts. Students will receive practical experiences to teach elementary aged children.

PE 317. Sport Specific Training (3)
Three hours per week. Principles of training the body at an advanced level for specific sport. The course will cover primarily metabolic systems, nutrition management, cardiovascular and weight training concepts for popular athletic areas.

PE 320. Sport Facility and Event Management (3)
Three hours per week. This course is designed to introduce students to the world of amateur and professional sports. Course topics include sport organizational structure, sport event logistics, legal elements and contracting in sports, marketing and promotion strategies of sports, economic / finance areas in sports, as well as successful planning, promotion, implementation and evaluation of special events within a sport context. Issues of athletic compliance will also be addressed. 

PE 325. Individual, Dual & Team Sports (3)
Three hours per week. Skills, rules, strategy and teaching techniques of such sports as volleyball, softball, soccer, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, badminton, golf and archery.

PE 327. Nutrition and Substance Abuse in Exercise Science (3) 
Three hours per week. This course is designed to introduce students to the study of sports nutrition, diet analysis, biochemical processes in energy metabolism, nutrition and health problems, and how it can be used to optimize performance. Emphasis will be on nutritional concepts related to the daily training, diet, energy utilization in exercise and recovery, body composition, use of nutrient and herbal supplements and ergogenic aids as well as the special needs of athletes. The substances that are most abused in athletics will also be examined. 

PE 330. Exercise & Fitness (3)
Three hours per week. An analysis of the relationship between physical fitness and degenerative diseases; the role of exercise in a wellness lifestyle; and methods of evaluating and prescribing physical fitness activities.

PE 333. Theory & Practice of Coaching (3)
Three hours per week. Study of research-based principles and methods used to coach individual and team sports.

PE 335. Theory and Practice of Coaching a Specific Sport (3)
This course explores the theories, practices and strategies involved in coaching various sports. Emphasis will be placed upon the objectives, rules, regulations and policies of competitive athletics, as well as on coaching individual skills, team tactics, organization and management practices, pertaining to youth and intercollegiate programs. This course may be repeated with different sport topics.

PE 336. Health/Fitness Life Coaching (3)
Three hours per week. An examination of popular lifestyle choices and how these relate to health and fitness. This course draws upon the theories and research findings from the exercise sciences to provide professionals in areas of physical education ways to influence personal training clients, students or athletes. Topics covered include stress management, motivation to exercise, improper training and overtraining.

PE 340. Group Dynamics in Sport (3)
The central purpose of this course is to explore individual human behavior in Physical Education, Sport and Fitness. The course will provide an opportunity for students to investigate psychological concepts that are pertinent to the field of sport and physical activity.

PE 350. Sport Sociology (3)
Three hours per week. This course examines the social/cultural history of sports and its influence on our social institutions, politics, the economy, and government. Also highlighted in Sociology of Sport will be issues such as race, gender, deviance, social problems, and youth socialization in relationship with sports.

PE 391. Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3)
Three hours per week. Prerequisites: BIOL 214. A study of the care, prevention, and correction of athletic injuries.

PE 400. Special Topics in Physical Education (3)
Three hours per week. May be repeated when the content is different. Selected topics of student interest and significance in the field of physical education or sports. The topic will be selected and announced prior to each semester the course is offered.

PE 401/EDU 325. PE/Health in the Elementary School (3)
Three hours per week. A course designed to enable elementary classroom teachers to integrate physical activities and health related topics into the curriculum through direct observation and practical experiences.  

PE 402. Teaching of Physical Education in the Secondary Schools (3)
Three hours per week. Methods and materials for the teaching of physical education programs in the secondary schools.

PE 405. Middle/High School Physical Education Teaching Methods (3)
This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of curriculum, content and teaching methods appropriate for middle and high school physical education programs. A field component is part of this course where students will get experience teaching lessons at the middle and high school levels.

PE 430. Measurement & Evaluation in Physical Education , Sports and Exercise Science (3)
Three hours per week. The study of measurement and evaluation techniques and devises for use in physical education, sports, and exercise science.

PE 431. Practicum in Physical Education (3)
Three hours per week. A field-based experience on the processes of teaching physical education.

PE 450WI.  Sport Law (3)
Three hours per week. This course will involve the study of the application of various legal doctrines to a broad range of sports related activities. This course will provide a fundamental understanding of legal concepts of tort law, contract law and constitutional law as they relate to the sport environment.

PE 452. Organization & Administration of Physical Education, Sports and Exercise Science (3)
Three hours per week. The study of organizing and administering sports, and exercise science programs.

PE 470. Physiology of Exercise (3)
Three hours per week. The study of the physiological changes occurring in the various body parts and systems before, during and after physical activity.

PE 480. Kinesiology (3)
Three hours per week. The study of movement with emphasis on body-part relationships and anatomical and physiological functions before, during and after participating in dance, sports and other physical activities.

PE 490. Internship  (12)
45 contact hours per week, junior or senior status and/or consent of PE department.The student will work in a sports administration/exercise science environment in order to gain on the job experience to implement what has been learned in the classroom. (Either one 12-credit internship or two 6-credit internships) May be repeated for credit up to 12 credits. 

PE 499. Adapted Physical Education, Sports, and Exercise Science (3)
Three hours per week. The study of appropriate techniques and activities designed for individuals with challenges in physical education, sports and exercise science programs.