Generic students must take all nursing courses in sequence by semester. RN-BSN students must complete all 300 level courses prior to beginning 400 level courses. All nursing students who have interrupted their progression for any reason are considered to be out-of-sequence. Students not regularly progressing must request readmission from the School of Nursing Admission, Progression, and Retention Committee. 

Once readmission is approved, out-of-sequence students will be placed in required course(s) on a space-available basis and are placed after all normally progressing students have been appropriately accommodated. In addition, generic students will not be permitted to take accelerated courses.   

Students may only repeat one nursing course. If a grade of “C” or better is earned in the repeated course, the student will be permitted to continue in the program. If less than a grade of “C” is earned in the repeated course, any concurrent nursing courses, or any succeeding nursing courses, the student will be dismissed from the program.

The nursing major curriculum must be completed within five (5) years from initial enrollment into nursing courses. If unable to complete the nursing curriculum within the five (5) years, the student must petition to and be approved by the Admission, Progression, and Retention Committee in order to continue in the nursing curriculum. Once progression is interrupted, the school of nursing can not guarantee completion of the nursing curriculum within five (5) years although every reasonable effort will be made to facilitate progression.​