Jacksonville University's Davis College of Business offers MBA graduates a unique opportunity to earn graduate certificates in key functional areas of business.  Two Graduate Certificates are offered:
  • Finance Certificate
  • Leadership Certificate

These certificates provide professionals with a short-term approach for updating essential business skills and acquiring new business skills.

To be eligible for these courses, students must:

  • Be an MBA graduate
  • Satisfy the prerequisites for the courses involved in the certificate
  • Apply and be accepted by JU  Center for Professional Studies

Graduate Certificates are specifically designed to provide working professionals maximum flexibility in class scheduling. Students will attend (1) one evening per week for each class and will learn with a diverse group of Jacksonville professionals increasing the breath and depth of their learning experience.  The course work is taught by Jacksonville University professors and will involve the academic excellence of the Davis College of Business.



Using the portfolio context, students investigate the various investment alternatives availale to indviduals in the capital markets and develop the concepts of risk and return.  Hands-on experiences are available in securities research, valuation of risky assets and asset allocation by managing the Davis family Endowent Investment Fund.

Students develop an understanding of the financing  of entrepreneurial ventures and skills relevant to developing and financing a new venture.  They also gain experience in the rigorous application of financial principles to real-world business problems.  In addition to the standard classical approach to corporate finance, behavioral finance is also discussed extensively.  Three (3) of the following courses must be taken:

Code Course Credit
FIN 610 Practicum in Portfolio Management 3
FIN 620 Entrepreneurial Finance 3
FIN 640 Analyzing Financial Performance 3
FIN 650 Advanced Managerial Accounting & Financial Modeling  3
FIN 660 Enterprise Risk Management 3



The Leadership Certificate allows students to become self-directed leaders, as well as to learn how to empower followers and collegial peers.  Students learn to ethically, intellectually, and responsibly facilitate positive change in themselves, others, organizations, and in the world in which they live.

These classes are a set of integrated and inter-related series of experiences instead of "traditional" classes.  The experiences in which students participate are guided by the principles of active and reflective learning.  As such, students are required to engage in case studies, business and leadership simulations, self-awareness development activities, peer discussions, group projects and other activities that will require them to think broadly and deeply while also developing personally useful eadership skills.

The following three (3) courses must be taken:

Code Course Credit
MGT 610 Strategic Human Resouce Management 3
MGT 620 Self-Leadership, Interopersonal & Team Dynamics 3
MGT 630 Leading Personal and Organizational Transformation 3​