The General Business major is designed for students who do not choose to specialize in any of the other major disciplines offered in the Davis College of Business. It also permits the student with unique career objectives to select courses aimed at meeting this specific need. 



Students majoring in General Business must take the Davis College of Business core. In addition, they must take the following courses: 

 Code Course Credit
 ACCT 310  Managerial Accounting I  3
 ECON xxx  One (1) upper level course in Economics  3
 FIN xxx *  One (1) upper level course in
 MGT 360  The Management of Human Resources  3
 MKG 438  Marketing Strategy   3
 XX xxx         One (1) upper level course in 
business: ACCT, DSIM, ECON, FIN, MKG or MGT 



* FIN 300 cannot be used as part of the General Business major.

* Management Accounting Track: Students wishing to complete the General Business major with the Management Accounting track must take ACCT/FIN 305, ACCT 315, FIN 420, and FIN 435 in addition to ACCT 310 (part of the General Business major). This raises the total credit requirement for the major to 24 credits.


A minor in General Business is available for non-business majors only and requires 15 credit hours as follows:

 Code Course Credit
 ACCT 201  Principles of Accounting I   3
 ACCT 202  Principles of Accounting II  3
 MGT 321  The Legal and Ethical
Environment of Business
 MGT 310  Organizational Behavior and
Leadership Skills
 MKG 301  Principles of Marketing  3