• Bachelor of Arts in Art - offers the student an understanding of several media and approaches to visual arts as it relates to the pursuit of arts administration, and/or fields within the arts.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance - offers the student intensive training in technique and choreography with the flexibility to study in depth in other fields and disciplines.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Film - includes a film core and two concentration options (screenwriting and directing) offering students critical skills utilized in media viewing.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music - offers emphases in a typical liberal arts curriculum. These generalist degrees prepare students for careers or further study on advanced degrees that require a more general background. Students are also required to identify and pursue a 12-hour area of emphasis in music such as composition, jazz studies, music business, music education, music history, musical performance, or music theatre.
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts - offers a four-year comprehensive program designed to prepare students majoring in Theatre Arts for advanced studies in theatre or related fields and for students seeking professional and non-professional work in theatre.



For those who qualify and envision careers as teachers or practicing visual or performing artists, the College offers these pre-professional degrees:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art - includes an art core and four concentration options: ceramics, illustration, photography, and sculpture. Each is designed to facilitate conceptual and technical skill sets pursuant to mastering one medium with the intent of pursuing a professional artist career.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Art & Design - includes an art core and two concentration options: animation and graphic design, offering students critical skills utilized in media creation for the field of visual communications as an art form.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass - includes an art core and concentration in glass, designed for students who intend to pursue professional art careers or graduate study in the visual arts after college.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance - offers a four-year pre-professional program of study, preparing the student for a professional career as performer or choreographer in a dance-related field. Opportunities are provided for the student to gain the necessary practical experience in dance performance, choreography, pedagogy, teaching, and other practical technical skills.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre - is a professional interdisciplinary degree that provides immersive study in the areas of music and vocal performance, theatre, and dance. This degree prepares students for careers as performers or for further advanced study.



  • Bachelor of Music in Composition and Theory - This professional program prepares students for careers in professional performance, private studio teaching, or prepar



  • Bachelor of Music Education - This degree is designed to satisfy certification requirements to teach music in kindergarten through twelfth grades of the public schools of Florida and most other states. The curriculum contains a strong music concentration in any instrument or voice, with general distribution requirements to ensure a liberal arts education.



  • Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Music Business - This degree is a generalist degree in music business. Students are also required to complete an option in management, marketing, or music technology. This degree prepares students for careers in the music business or for further advanced study. The normal length of a degree program is four (4) years. Students majoring in music education will normally take an additional semester to complete their teacher education requirements. Students may be required to attend summers or additional semesters to complete a degree program depending on the entry level for theory and applied music.



  • Masters of Fine Arts in Choreography - The MFA degree is a 2 year low-residency program emphasizing choreography and the creative process of generating new works that are grounded in both classical and contemporary dance genres. Each year the program starts with a 6-week Summer Intensive, this is followed by two non-resident semesters using a combination of distance study with JU Faculty and local mentors who work one-on-one with each student to expand their project-based work. Plus an additional one-week mini-residency on campus to work with undergraduate students setting their creative work and developing pedagogical approaches.




  • Baccalaureate/JD Program - This 3/3 Program allows selected JU students to enter the Florida Coastal School of Law (FCSL) after completing only three years of undergraduate study at JU under the conditions enumerated below. Participants will earn both a baccalaureate degree and a JD under the 6-year program.



For a listing of College of Fine Arts minors, see Minor sections in each discipline.​