The Accelerated (Day) MBA program allows a student to earn an MBA in just 12 months of continuous study in a full-time day program. It builds on a foundation of core business knowledge, while making development of a student's leadership skills a priority. Students are mentored by some of Jacksonville's leading business professionals and gain additional hands-on work experience as an intern. Graduates from this program leave with solid business expertise and a portfolio of demonstrated leadership knowledge and skills.

The Accelerated (Day) MBA program involves the student in a cohort-based relationship with colleagues from around the region and the world. Teamwork is an integrated part of being successful in the program. Students develop their own problem solving techniques, as well as decision making paradigms and communications skill.



To be admitted into the Accelerated MBA Program as a Degree Candidate, all students must have earned an undergraduate degree from a regionally-accredited university. For a full list of Admissions requirements into the program, see Accelerated Degree Program in the Admissions section of this catalog.


  • Tuition per credit hour - $619 (Fall 2011-Summer 2012)
  • Books - per course(estimated) - $150-200
  • All MBA students are required to have a laptop

The program is designed to be completed in 12 months. If a student cannot complete the program with his (her) cohort, they must successfully complete all course work no later than five (5) years after the completion of the first graduate-level course taken after entrance into the program.


Foundation Courses
These courses are designed for candidates who do not have a bachelor's degree in business or who lack basic knowledge in the following disciplines:

Code Course Credit
ACCT 500 Essentials of Accounting 2
DSIM 500 Essentials of Quantitative Methods 2
ECON 500 Essentials of Economics 2
FIN 500 Essentials of Finance 2
Total: 8

Core Courses
The following courses are required for all Accelerated (Day) MBA students:

Code Course Credit
ACCT 522 Accounting for Managerial Control 3
DSIM 518 Competing Through Innovation & Information
DSIM 530 Analytical Methods for Decision-Making 2
DSIM 570 Optimizing Operations Management 2
ECON 520 Economics of High Performance 3
FIN 534 Optimizing Financial Performance 3
INB 555 Competing in the Global Economy 3
MGT 550 Leading Organizations 2
MGT 553 Global Corporate Strategy I 2
MGT 554 Global Corporate Strategy II 2
MGT 600 Leadership Development Portfolio 1
MKG 540 Strategic Marketing in a Digital Economy 3
Total: 29

Additional Courses Required for General MBA

Code Course Credit
MGT 566 The Legal & Ethical Environment of Business 3
XXX xxx Additional Elective: Choose one (1)
from any of the concentration courses,
electives or special topics offering
Subtotal: 6
Total: 35




Accelerated MBA students may elect one of two (2) concentrations in accounting and finance or management. In addition to the core courses, each concentration requires the courses as listed below.

Accounting and Finance
Students in this concentration must choose three (3) of the following courses for a total of nine (9) credit hours:
Code Course Credit
ACCT/FIN 640 Analyzing Financial Performance - 3
ACCT/FIN 650 Advanced Managerial Accounting & Financial
Modeling - 3
ACCT/FIN 660 Enterprise Risk Management - 3
ACCT 670 Ethics & Governance in Accounting - 3
FIN 610 Practicum in Portfolio Management - 3
FIN 620 Financing New Ventures - 3
Total: 9
Students in this concentrationmust take the following three (3) courses for a total of nine (9) credit hours:


Course Credit
MGT 610 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
MGT 620 Responsible Leadership 3
MGT 630 Teamwork and Organizational Change 3
Total: 9​