Lois S.  Becker

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; B.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; M.A., Ph.D., Stanford University



Douglas M. Hazzard
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Interim Dean, School of Education; Associate Professor of Spanish; B.A., M.A., Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., Duke University

  • Engineering
    Bashir A. Sayar
    Chair, Engineering  & Director of Engineering Programs, College of Arts & Sciences; Professor of Mechanical Engineering; B.S., Kabul University; Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Humanities
    Scott Kimbrough
    Chair, Division of Humanities; B.A., Southwestern University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

  • Millar Wilson Laboratory
    Lucinda B. Sonnenberg
    Research Associate Professor of Chemistry; Director of the Millar Wilson Laboratory; B.A., University of South Florida; M.S., University of Florida; Ph.D., University of North Carolina

  • Science and Mathematics
    Lee Ann J. Clements
    Chair, Division of Science and Mathematics; B.A. University of Virginia; M.S., Ph.D. University of South Carolina

  • Social Sciences
    Sherri Lynn Jackson
    Chair, Division of Social Sciences; Professor of Psychology; B.A., North Adams State College; M.S., Ph.D. University of Florida


William M. Crosby
Interim Dean, Davis College of Business; Robert T. Shircliff Professor of Business Ethics; B.S., Valdosta State College; M.Acc., Ph.D., University of Georgia

  • Accounting/DSIM/Economics & Finance
    Barry J. Thornton 
    Chair, Division of  Accounting, DSIM, Economics, & Finance; Associate Professor of Business Administration; B.A., University of Hartford; M.S., Florida State University; Ed.D., University of North Florida

  • Aeronautics Program
    Juan R. Merkt
    Director, Aeronautics Program, Associate Professor of Aeronautics, BS, MS, University of British Columbia; Ph.D. Harvard University

    Daryl Hickman
    Associate Director of the Aeronautics Program; B.S., University of Cincinnati; M.Ed., University of Missouri

  • Marketing/Management/International Business
    Associate Dean, Davis College of Business; Chair, Division of Marketing/Management/International Business; Professor of Management; B.A., College of Mass Communications; M.B.A., Ph.D., Indiana University


Douglas M. Hazzard
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Interim Dean, School of Education; Associate Professor of Spanish; B.A., M.A., Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., Duke University

  • Elizabeth Gregg
    Chair, Sport Management and Exercise Science, Assistant Professor of Sport Management; B.S., University of Evansville; M.S., Ph.D., Indiana University
  • Stephanie James
    Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Director of Leadership Programs; B.A., University of Florida; M.Ed., Ed.D., University of North Florida
  • Colleen M. Wilson
    Chair, Teacher Education Program, Associate Professor of Education; B.A., Flagler College; M.A.T., Jacksonville University; Ed.D. University of North Florida 


William E. Hill
Dean, College of Fine Arts; Associate Professor of Art; B.A., University of North Florida; M.F.A., University of Florida

  • Visual Arts
    Dana Chapman Tupa

    Chair, Division of Visual Arts; B.F.A., Associate Professor of Art;  B.F.A., Texas Woman's University; M.F.A. Tulane University

  • Film & Television
    Richard Heller

    Executive Director; B.A., Duke University

  • Theatre and Dance
    Brian Palmer
    Chair, Division of Theatre & Dance; B.F.A., Associate Professor of Dance; Radford University; M.F.A., Florida State University

  • Music
    Robert W. Tudor
    Chair, Division of Music; Assistant Professor of Music; B.M., Stetson University; M.M., University of Miami; D.M.A., University of Maryland


Judith Erickson

Dean, School of Nursing; Associate Professor of Nursing; B.S. Skidmore University, M.A., Ph.D., New York University

  • Cheryl Bergman
    Director of Nursing Undergraduate Program & Associate Professor of Nursing; B.S.N., University of Kansas; ARNP, M.S.N., University of Florida; Ph.D. Barry University
  • Michelle Edmonds
    Director of Nursing Graduate Program & Associate Professor of Nursing; B.S.N., M.S.N., University of North Florida; Ph.D., Barry University
  • Andra Opalinski
    Director RN-BSN Program; Associate Professor of Nursing; B.S.N. Samford; M.S.N., University of Florida; Ph.D., University of Colorado
  • Chris Rillstone
    Director of Enrollment and Program Development, Undergraduate Program;  Jacksonville University
  • Stephanie Strickland
    Director of Enrollment for Online Nursing; B.S., University of Florida
  • Nursing Advisors
    • Teresa C. Cecil
      Academic Advisor; RN-BSN Online Nursing Program; B.A., M.A. Bob Jones University
    • Kimberly Chalk
      Academic Advisor, RN-BSN Online Nursing Program; B.S., Ball State University; M.A., University of North Florida; M.S., Nova Southeastern University
    • Melissa Godsey
      Academic Advisor; MSN Online Nursing Program; B.A., University of North Florida
    • Cynthia J. Larsen
      Academic Advisor; RN-BSN Online Nursing Program; B.A., University of Maryland; M.B.A., Golden Gate University
    • Bif Sheffield
      Academic Advisor and Enrollment Coordinator, RN-BSN Nursing Program; B.A. Belmont University; M.A. Wesley Theological Seminary
    • Laura M. Winn '07
      Academic Advisor, Graduate Nursing Program; M.F.A., M.A.T., Jacksonville University


Mark Alarbi '09
Program Director and Interim Chair of Orthodontics; Associate Professor of Orthodontics; DMD, University of Tishreen, Syria; Specialty Certification in Orthodontics and Dento-Facial Orthopedics at the University of Aix-Marseille II; Advanced Graduate Study in Orthodontics, Jacksonville University

  • TBA
    Business Manager School of Orthodontics



Charlotte Wedge
Director of Academic Engagement; B.A., University of Michigan;, M.Ed., Saint Francis College


Katrina Coakley
Director of the Advising Center; M.A.T., Sacred Heart University  

  • Sandy Branum '96
  • M
  • ary Moriarty-Cook
    Adult and Transfer Enrollment Advisor; B.S., University of New Mexico
  • Nancy F. Howard
    Academic Advisor, B.A., M.S., Indiana University
  • David Oglethorpe 
    Academic Advisor; B.A., Ohio State University


Karen E. Jackson '89
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning; Professor of  Biology & Marine Science; B.A., Jacksonville University; Ph.D., University of Florida


Janet Morgan Haavisto
Director, Honors Programs; Professor of English; B.S., M.A., Middle Tennessee State University; Ph.D., University of Florida   


J. Logan Cross
Director of Institutional Effectiveness; F.S. Florida State University; M.Ed., Ph.D, University of Georgia                            


David M. Jones
Director of the Library; B.A., University of West Florida; M.L.S., Florida State University

  • Damon M. DeBorde
    Electronic Resources Librarian; B.A., Marshall University; M.L.I.S., Florida State University
  • Anna K. Large
    Associate Professor & Reference Librarian; B.A. & M.L.S., State University College, Geneseo, New York
  • Linda E. Matyas
    Periodicals Librarian; B.S., State University of New York, Plattsburgh; M.L.S., State University of New York, Albany
  • Paula S. McIntyre
    Associate Professor & Head of Technical Services; B.A., East Texas State University; M.L.S., Florida State University


Laura Chambers

Director of Service Learning; B.A., University of Wisconsin; M.A., University of Illinois; Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


A. Quinton White, Jr.
Executive Director for the Marine Science Research Institute, Professor of Biology; American Council on Education Fellow (1997-98); B.S., North Carolina Wesleyan College; M.S., University of Virginia; Ph.D., University of South Carolina