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4 Year Graduation Guarantee

Beginning Fall 2012, traditional freshmen can participate in Jacksonville University’s Four-Year Graduation Guarantee.

What is Our Four-Year Graduation Guarantee?
A guarantee for incoming first-year students that ensures their ability to graduate in four years provided they adhere to the stipulations of the agreement. If they are unable to graduate on time and have met the requirements of the agreement, the University will assume their tuition costs (minus any state and federal aid for which they qualify) until they graduate.

To qualify for the guarantee, the student must do the following:
  • sign the Four-Year Guarantee agreement when arriving at JU;
  • maintain their intended major indicated in their first semester of enrollment (Students may change their intended major, so long as the change does not impact the timeline to graduation);
  • successfully complete 30 credit hours each academic year (includes summer credits). College credit earned prior to coming to JU may be figured into this equation;
  • maintain a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and the required grade point in all courses in the intended major;
  • not drop or fail a class without making up the credits during the four-year period of time;
  • meet with their academic advisor each semester prior to the registration period;
  • register for classes within the first three days of their registration period;
  • forgo “convenience” class scheduling (Example: scheduling only Tuesday-Thursday classes);
  • be formally accepted into their chosen major no later than the fall semester of the sophomore year, follow the course sequence in the advisor's manual and maintain that major's required academic progression and skills requirements;
  • maintain full-time enrolled status during all four years;

Majors not included in the agreement:
  • Five-year Education
  • 3/2 Engineering

Why the JU Graduation Guarantee Makes Sense for You

  1. Lower a student’s debt: According to the College Board, total federal student loans increased by 61 percent in inflation-adjusted terms from 1997 to 2007, to nearly $60 billion per year. But that hasn’t been enough to match rising costs — the percent of borrowers maxing out on federal loans increased from 57 percent to 73 percent during roughly the same time. The private loan market stepped in to fill the void, exploding from $2 billion in loans 10 years ago to more than $17 billion today. More students are borrowing more money for college than ever before.
  2. Motivation to graduate in four years: There is a hidden cost in higher education today, the cost of additional years to finish a degree (tuition and room/board) PLUS the loss of potential earnings during those years. Our goal is to graduate students on time.
  3. Additional Advising: Students will be advised carefully throughout their JU experience to ensure academic progress toward graduation in four years. JU’s faculty and staff will work closely with each student toward the goal of graduation.