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Major/Minor Check Sheets

Why are there so many different Check sheets?

Each year, some majors undergo changes to their requirements and our Check sheets are updated every year to represent these changes.


How do I know which Check sheet pertains to my major?
To find your check sheet, download the .pdf file from the year that you started your education at JU.


May I use a Check sheet from a different academic year?
To keep with uniformity, the requirements that were set when you first started your major are the ones that you must meet to earn your degree.  If you want to follow different requirements for your major, you must change your catalog year to the one you want to follow.  Carefully compare the requirements with your faculty advisor.  To change the catalog year, complete the following form and submit it to the Registrar's office. 

Catalog Change Form.pdfCatalog Change Form.pdf

How do I change my major/minor/advisor?
The Major Change Form allows you to change, delete, or add majors, minors and advisors:


​2013-2014 Majors ​2012-2013 Majors ​2011-2012 Majors ​2013-2014 Minors
Accounting​ Accounting Accounting Aviation
​Animation Art BA ​Art BA Business
​Art BA Art BFA ​Art BFA Coaching
​Art BFA Aviation Management ​Aviation Mgmt. Dance
​Aviation Management Aviation Flight Ops ​Aviation Flight Ops Education
​Aviation Flight Ops Biology ​Biology Excercise Science
​Biology ​Business Administration ​Business Admin. Humanities
​Business Administration Chemistry Chemistry Math
Chemistry Communication Communication Music
​Communication Computing Sciences ​Computing Sciences Naval Science
​Computing Sciences Dance BA ​Dance BA Sciences
​Dance BA Dance BFA ​Dance BFA Social Sciences
​Dance BFA Economics BS/BA ​Economics BS/BA Sustainability
​Economics BS/BA Economics BBA ​Economics BBA ​Theatre Arts
​Economics BBA Education Education ​Visual Arts
Education Engineering Engineering
​Engineering English English
​English Excercise Science ​Excercise Science
​Exercise Science Film Film
​Film Finance Finance
​Finance French French
​French Geography Geography
​Geography Glass Glass
​History History History
​Humanities Humanities Humanities
​International Business International Business ​International Bus.
​Management Management Management
​Marine Science Marine Science ​Marine Science
​Marketing Marketing Marketing
​Mathematics Mathematics ​Mathematics
​Music Music Music
​Music Business Music Business ​Music Business
Music Comp. & Theory Music Comp. & Theory ​Music Comp & Theory
​Music Education Music Education ​Music Education
​Music Performance Music Performance ​Music Performance
Musical Theatre Musical Theatre ​Musical Theatre
Nursing Nursing Nursing
Philosophy Philosophy Philosophy
Physics Physics Physics
Political Science Political Science ​Political Science
​Pre-Health ​Pre-Health ​Pre-Health
Psychology Psychology Psychology
Secondary Ed Double Major Sociology Sociology
Sociology Social Sciences Spanish
Social Sciences Spanish Sports Management
Spanish Sports Management Theatre Arts
Sport Business Sustainability Undecided
Sustainability Theatre Arts
Theatre Arts Undecided
Please email if you need a later year major/minor checksheet.