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Strategic Plan


Strategic Objectives:
I. Assure the success of students by fostering and promoting a caring, personalized student
support system, and developing, maintaining, and enhancing a safe, supportive living/learning campus community by:
  • Creating a pervasive, quality-driven “JU experience” for  everyone associated with Jacksonville University
  • Improving the graduation rate
  • Improving retention of freshmen and overall student body
  • Increasing the presence and success of students representing diverse populations
  • Enhancing campus security
  • Renovating academic classrooms and laboratories
  • Expanding campus housing options
  • Improving campus dining venues
  • Creating access to the riverfront, including a riverfront recreation area
  • Expanding and improving athletic and recreational facilities
  • Expanding parking
II. Promote campus-wide academic excellence while identifying, marketing, and emphasizing selected signature program areas by:
  • Identifying and marketing selected signature programs areas for JU
  • Maintaining a low student-faculty ratio
  • Increasing the academic profile of the entering class
  • Seeking and maintaining institutional and programmatic accreditations, approvals, and recognitions
  • Implementing a campus-wide quality assessment program
  • Recruiting and retaining top faculty
  • Encouraging and rewarding  scholarship among faculty and students
  • Expanding on-line and hybrid course offerings
  • Expanding and enhance accelerated degree courses and programs
III. Promote and enhance the reputation, image and profile of Jacksonville University by:
  • Refining the JU brand
  • Establishing strategic partnerships with corporate communities for the University and for its signature program areas
IV. Maintain and enhance financial security by:
  • Maintaining balanced annual operating budgets
  • Increasing enrollment
  • Increasing annual giving and  increasing the endowment
  • Reducing the tuition discount rate
  • Promoting non-traditional sources of revenue