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Distinguished Dolphins

The following individuals have been selected as Distinguished Dolphins to help celebrate Jacksonville University’s 75th Anniversary. The selected must have at one time either matriculated at Jacksonville University or be a former or current paid faculty or staff member of Jacksonville University. Nominees must have added significant value to the Jacksonville University brand statewide, nationally or internationally and demonstrated a high level of professional success and personal integrity.

Dr. Byron Adams

Terry Alexander

Donald Ames

Ronald Autrey

Aaron Bean

Dr. Bertice Berry

Dr. Walker Blanton

Bill Boston

Alex Boylan

Dr. James Brady

Dee Brown

Dr. Joan Carver

Michael Cascone Jr.

Captain Tracy Connors

O. Wayne Corbin

Tim Cost

Rear Admiral John Cryer

The de Paduas

Dr. Elizabeth DePeri

Vice Admiral David Dorsett

Hon. William Durden

Jack Ford

William Forsythe

Vice Admiral Paul Gaffney II

Dr. J. Phillip Garcia

Dr. Robert E. Garcia

Artis Gilmore

Helen Glenn

Donnie Hammond

John Harrison

Natasha Harvey

Hurley Haywood

Hon. Tommy Hazouri

Bruce Helford

Mike Hightower

Michael Howland

Dr. Franklyn Johnson

Janet Johnson

Dr. Mary Kathleen (Kay) Johnson

Hon. Stan Jordan

Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne

The Krosnicks

Terrence Mann

Aleksandar Mihailovic

Rex Morgan

Daniel Murphy

Braden Negaard

Annette Negaard (Kluger)

Kris O’Brien (Negaard)

Fred B. Noble

Frank Pace

Dr. Jennifer Pascual

Mike Patrick

Hon. Paul Perez

Marta Perez

Mun Quan

James Ray

Dr. Marilyn Repsher

Dr. Jesse (Bill) Robertson

Dr. Kerry Romesburg

Dr. Maurice Rouhlac

Mag Black Scott

Michael Shad

Ted Simendinger

Otis Smith

Leanza Steines (Cornett)

John Sessions

Roger Strickland

Dr. Thomas (Tom) Terrell

Jay Thomas

Captain Matthew Tuohy

Dr. Robert Turknett

Hon. David M. Walker

Hon. William (Will) W. Weatherford

Dr. Vaughn Wedeking

Dr. Marvin Wells

Dr. A. Quinton White

Joe Williams

George Winterling