By David T. Dobson

JU Varsity Shooting Team Head Coach 

Jacksonville University and the Jacksonville Skeet and Trap Club hosted the fourth Jacksonville Southeast Collegiate Invitational (Regional) Shoot  last weekend, with  82 Collegiate athletes from nine universities attending.
shooting.jpgClemson University took top honors at the event March 2-3, followed by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Jacksonville University in very tight numbers. Clemson and JU are former ACUI Divisional National Champions. Rounding out the field were Florida State University, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, the University of North Florida, Stetson University and Emmanuel College.
The event showcased not only the JU team’s skills, but also its talent at partnering to put on such a major event.
All schools competed in American Skeet, Trap & International Wobble Trap, in cold weather with 20-plus mph winds. A Sporting Clays event at Amelia Shotgun Sports ( was also added, with Clemson taking top honors and Jacksonville University coming in as runner-up.
Many thanks to Jacksonville Gun Club volunteers, who refereed, cooked and braved the elements to make this happen, as well as to Barbara Martin of Amelia Shotgun Sports for all her efforts in our first-ever Sporting Clays event.
Results are as follows:
Top Five Tourney Teams:shooting3.jpg

Tourney HOA Champion: Clemson University
Tourney Runner-up:          Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Tourney Third:                     Jacksonville University
Tourney Fourth:                  Florida State University
Tourney Fifth:                      Stetson University
Top Five  Placing Individual Champions:
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (HOA):    Zach Wyatt (CU)
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (RU):        Joe Williams (ER)
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (Third):  Hunter Baughman (CU)
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (Fourth:  Aston Player (CU)
High Overall Tournament MEN’s Champion (Fifth):    Jeremy Jackson (EC)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (HOA):      Katie Stansell (CU)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (RU):         Catherine Blankenship (CU)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (Third):   Corey Weigand (ER)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (Fourth): Erin Felker (JU)
High Overall Tournament WOMEN’s Champion (Fifth):     Amy Gileon (FSU)
Medals were also awarded to the top five individual shooters in Men’s and Women’s in each of the three events:
SKEET (Men’s):
HOA:       Jeremy Jackson (EC)
RU:          Joe Williams (ER)
Third:    Scott Hensley (JU)
Fourth: Grant Bledsone (UNF)
Fifth:     Hunter Baughman (CU)
SKEET (Women’s):
HOA:       Catherine Blankeship (CU)
RU:          Katie Stansell (CU)
Third:    Amanda Freeman (ABAC)
Fourth: Lori Hubbard (ER)
Fifth:     Alexis Crouch (JU)
TRAP (Men’s):
HOA:       Zach Wyatt (CU)
RU:          Alberto Abed (ER)
Third:    Brad Parker (UNF
Fourth: Austin Rodgers (CU)
Fifth:     Jarrett Lowe (ER)
TRAP (Women’s):
HOA:      Corey Weigand (ER)
RU:         Katie Stansell (CU)
Third:   Catherine Blankenship (CU)
Fourth: Amy Gileon (FSU)
Fifth:     Julianne Evans (JU)
International Wobble Trap (Men’s):
HOA:      Player Astin (CU)
RU:         Hunter Baughman (CU)
Third:   Joe Williams (ER)
Fourth: Alex McHale (CU)
Fifth:     Gavin Royal (FSU)
International Wobble Trap (Women’s):


HOA:      Catherine Blankenship (CU)


RU:         Katie Stansell (CU)
Third:   Amy Gileon (FSU)
Fourth: Erin Feker (JU)
Fifth:     Corey Weigand (ER)
Sporting Clays (Sunday)
HOA: Clemson University
RU:    Jacksonville University
Monies from the Scholastic Clay Target Program (, funded by the Midway USA Foundation (, made all of this possible. This shoot is hosted by JU and the SCTP and is held every fall and spring at Jacksonville Skeet & Trap, with the next shoot on Oct. 19, 2013. We wish to thank all of the volunteers who came out to referee, cook and run this collegiate event. We could not have done it without you, and this shoot is putting us on the national map.
Many thanks to the Jacksonville Gun Club and all of the other clubs here and around the country who have stood behind our youth and collegiate shooters, as they are our future.