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Twos Class Notes

​​2's News for February 2016

Dear Parents,

We will be beginning our unit on Valentines and Teddy Bears. We will have a class Valentine exchange on Thursday, February 10th & 11th. Please just put who the card is from. It makes it much easier for the children to pass them out independently. There are 8 children in each class.

  We will also be having our annual teddy bear parade and picnic at the end of the month. The student will need to bring in a teddy bear that will fit in a shoe box. We will be making the floats for our parade out of the shoe boxes. If anyone has any extra shoe boxes or things to decorate the floats with (stickers, foamies, etc.) they would like to donate, that would be great!

WLPS will be closed on Monday, February 15th in honor of President's Day.

Don't forget about sharing every Wednesday & Thursday.

   With the weather being so varying please make sure the children are dressed appropriately to go outside.

  Thank you,

Mrs. Henderson, & Ms. Donald


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