2's News for April 2014

     We will be beginning our unit on Spring. There is a lot to do before Easter. Please send in a wicker basket as soon as possible. We need to get started decorating! Keep in mind when picking a basket you may bring it back year after year. The children add to it so that by the end of your time here at WLPS it is a very elaborate looking Easter Basket. If anyone would like to donate plastic Easter eggs and/ or spring craft supplies to use to decorate the baskets that would be great. Some ribbon, foamies, pom  poms, etc.
     Our Spring Party will be on Wednesday April 16th at 10:30. Please watch the bulletin board for the sign up sheets for the party food. Keep in mind our no sugar policy. Also WLPS is closed on Monday April 21st.
     You may want to consider extending our lessons about butterflies by visiting the Butterfly Hollow at the Jacksonville Zoo.   There is an additional cost to visit the exhibit. http://www.jacksonvillezoo.org/things/butterfly_hollow/
Thank you,
Mrs. Henderson & Ms. Donald