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September 2014
Welcome to the 3's Class!
     During the month of September, we will be talking about the colors of the rainbow. We will begin with the 3 primary colors. For the first week we will concentrate on the color red. We will sing a song called “Red, Red, Red”. We will be reading Clifford the Big Red Dog and Who Said Red?. We will taste red apples for snack. During the second week we will continue with the primary colors and talk about yellow and blue. We will sing the songs “Yellow, Yellow, Yellow” and “Blue, Blue, Blue”. We will be reading School Bus and Blueberries for Sal. We will make butter to spread on a slice of bread and blueberries. We will have red, yellow and blue paint at our easel. After we finish with the primary colors we will cut a primary color collage.
After we have finished with the primary colors we will begin to mix the colors to make the secondary colors. We will begin with the colors orange and green. We will sing the songs “Orange, Orange, Orange” and “Green, Green, Green”. We will read Mouse Paint and Green Eggs and Ham. We will make cheese toast and green eggs and ham for snack. We will also do several art activities that will mix paint to create our secondary colors. For the last week of the month we will finish with purple and how to make a rainbow. We will sing “Grapes, Grapes, Grapes”. We will read Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse and Rainbows. We will be tasting purple grapes and making rainbow toast. We will cut a secondary color collage and cut a rainbow collage.
Each day that we talk about a new color, we will ask the children to bring in something from home in that color. We will display all of these items and the children will choose one item off the tray to paint for a Colors of the Rainbow book to take home. At the end of each day, we will share the item we brought and let our friends see them.