October 2014

Dear Parents,

     We will continue with our many "Fall" activities this month!  We will learn about "tooth-edged" leaves and "smooth-edged" leaves.  Please bring leaves to school so we can sort them and make a chart.  They can be any size, shape, or color.  If any of you are going to the mountains for a trip, please bring some fall leaves from your travels.

     Our Fall unit will culminate with Trick or Treating around the JU campus on Friday, October 31.  Parents, plan to join us for a party at school at 11:30am.  For costume planning, please plan to dress your children in costumes that do not have a super hero theme or costumes having to do with anything violent (no guns, swords, etc).  You may want to plan a simple costume as masks and head gear aer often too warm.  Watch the bulletin board to sign up to bring party food.

     I hope you have had a chance to read Our Hello Book with your children.  Please use the book as a tool to help your children learn classmates' names and begin to write names as well.  Working on alphabet letters and writing our names is a daily activity now at school.  If you work with your children at home, please help them to write their names using an upper case letter at the beginning of their names and lower case letters for the rest. 

     Just a reminder...library books must be returned each Friday before the children can check out another book.

     Picnic PALs starts Friday, October 3.  See Mrs. Garrett to sign up!

            Mrs. Flakus