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A 'Little' News

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   JUNE 2016 
Happy Birthday, WLPS!
"43" Years of Learning, Playing, and Sharing!
It is time to register for Sum Fun!
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It is time to register for the 2016-2017 year!   Some classes are now full.  Please check with us to see what is still available. 
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** Picnic PALs  ** 
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Join us for Music & the logo!​     

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Congratulations to our Faculty on their Anniversaries at WLPS!
Mrs. Jerry Ruth Flakus - 30 years
 Mrs. Deborah Hollenbeck-10 years
Mrs. Stacey Henderson-10 years
Mrs. Karyn Poole-10 years

Our classes do wonderful things...dancing, Picnic PALs, listening to a guest author, basketball lessons, planting, flying airplanes, sure not to miss a thing by "liking" our facebook page 
Thank you to our families for supporting our Fundraisers!  We raised $288 from our Flower Bulb fundraiser, $24 from Tyson Labels collected and $134.75 from the sale of Artsonia items.  Every penny helps-thank you so much!
Did You Know????
  1.  We have a " WLPS Garden of Thoughts" for our families to use for input! 
    You can find it on our front counter or click below.

 2.  We have a WLPS FacebookPage!        
3.  That your child’s records are kept confidential and locked in the office!
4.  That you will receive two written progress reports each year for your child?
One in January and one in May
5.  That your child’s teacher is always happy to talk to you each day!
Sum Fun
June 6th-24th



New Fence
 ​Thank you to a generous "WLPS Friend"- we have a new fence surrounding our playground to keep us safe as we play!
We love for you to have time with your child and other families after school hours at our picnic table out front.  As you know it is always important to us that our children practice good safety habits!
For your child’s safety, please observe and teach your children the following:
Ø Children must be in your view at all times at the front of the building (not the side).
Ø 2. Children must NOT climb or play close to the fence. It fences off a “round about” that has a great deal of University Traffic.
Ø 3. Please continue to be diligent in always observing the children. Perhaps the parents could take turns being the “LOOK OUT”.
We are so happy to see our children having additional time to learn, play, and share with their classmates!  Please help us to make sure it is a safe time!

On-line Payments
Payments for WLPS tuition can now be paid on line. Please click on the following link to do this.
DCF Inspection
Thank you so much for helping us to achieve excellent reports by always being sure your child's health records are up to date!
 Thank you!
Safety First!
Please hold your child's hand to and from the parking lot.
The JU students are young adult drivers that are not always cautious when passing our building and do not all look out for young children.
Please, please help us to keep your child safe!
Cell Phones
Cell phones can interrupt communication between parents, children, and teachers.
Please refrain from using cell phones inside WLPS. Thank you
Front Door
Please only open the front door for parents personally known to you as WLPS family members.
If you are not sure, please wait for a WLPS faculty member to open the door.
Please do not allow your child to ever open the front door.
For safety reasons, we do not want them to get used to opening doors.
We teach them that only teachers, moms, dads, grandparents and other adults open doors at WLPS. We appreciate your help with this!
Absent/Sick Children
We know you do not send your children to school when they are sick.
Children with fevers should not return until free of a fever for at least 24 hours.
It is appreciated that children with contagious colds/coughs are kept at home.
Please call us to let us know when your child is absent. We worry about them when they are not here.
Our number is 256-7147.
Bug Spray
Please spray your children with bug spray before they go to class.
We are not allowed to do this. It is important to protect them from the West Nile Virus spread by mosquitoes.
Where-oh-Where have Bud and Wilma been?
They have been to:
Golf, Sea World and
The Pumpkin Patch with Lillian
Niagra Falls with Isabella
Wisconsin Apple Orchard with Gabby
Cedar Key, FL with Aliah
Blueberry Picking  with Lillian
 Disney with Logan
Blue Ridge Mountains with Emryk
Camping with Ava and Alyssa  
South Carolina with Rowan
 Disneyland in California with Alyssa and Ava
Thank you!
 Thank you to Andrew's Aunt for a collection of children's hardback books.  It will be fun to read them!
Thank you to Gracie's family for photo paper.  We will have fun printing out pictures of our acitivities!
Thank you to Andrew's family for plastic eggs.  We look forward to our Egg Hunts with these!
Thank you to Lillian's family for, fresh pressed apple juice, a case of copy paper, Annie's farm macaroni and Annie's farm crackers.  The paper is a great help for all of our notes and accreditation documents.  The crackers and macaroni will be fun for the 2's snack during their farm unit.
Thank you to Anthony and Amelia's grandparents for new shelving, tool box and supplies, goldfish and pop up notes!
Thank you to Gabby's family for a puppet theater.  The 3's and 4's have really enjoyed putting on puppet shows in the activity room.
Thank you to Van's grandmother for the Christmas window clings.  They were enjoyed by all.
 Thank you to Andrew's Family for the pompoms, velcro, glue sticks, Christmas art supplies (reindeer and snowman stickers). The Twos' will really have fun with these!
 Thank you to all of our families for providing the delicious healthy food for our holiday parties!
 Thank you to Watson's grandparents for:  pretzel pumpkins, pumpkins, copy paper, file folders, stickers, pompoms, ribbon, sewing our Native American capes and vests, sand for sandbox, frames for our museum artwork, heart placemats for our kitchen tables, butterfly placemats for our kitchen tables,  refurbishing our "windy" house in the Two's/New Two's classroom-it is a favorite, now more beautiful spot for quiet reading, providing us with ornaments to decorate for Christmas, the Dolphins and Fruit Kabobs for our 40th Anniversary, new vegetable plants, flowers, and mulch for our gardens; re-furbishing our WLPS outside mailbox; and for adding new material and painted framing for our hall bulletin boards and Alum Corner. They look very nice and we appreciate all of their hard work on these projects!
Classroom Units
New Twos-Community Helpers
Twos-Community Helpers
Threes-Things that Come from Eggs
Fours -Spring
WLPS Fundraisers
Nellie, Our Dolphin book - $15
WLPS T-shirts - $10
WLPS Song CD - $10
WLPS Notecards-$5
Gift Cards - Order forms can be found on our front counter. These are great for gifts or just for everyday shopping or outings. The program, sponsored by the Great Lakes Scrip Center, is a dollar for dollar purchase of gift cards, also called scrip cards, that can be used for purchases at a variety of local retailers – grocery and department stores and restaurants. They do not expire and can be used nationwide. Each gift card purchased provides a direct profit for WLPS in the form of a percentage of the face value, sometimes as great as 15%.
In addition to viewing a gallery of your child’s artwork, a variety of products can be customized with artwork, such as stickers, magnets, note cards, and tote bags. Artsonia has a full product catalog on their website. As a fundraising incentive, Artsonia will donate back to WLPS 20% of each order placed. These funds will be used to further enhance the art experiences we can offer to our students. Visit
Please send in Tyson Chicken and Campbell's Soup labels.