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What to Bring

What to Bring for Residence Halls & Apartments
The Essentials
• Clothing
• Personal grooming products
• Bedding and room décor *
• Towels
• Hangers
• Clock/alarm clock
• Wastebasket
• 3M strips and blue painters tape*
• Shower caddy
• Shower cutain (78" in length)
* Oak Hall & Apartments
Suggested Items
Microwave (800 watts or less)
• Personal refrigerator (3.5 cubic ft. maximum capacity)
Entertainment equipment such as:
TV (must have a QAM tuner)
Gaming stations
• Bicycle and lock (bike racks are outside each residence hall)
• Computer, printer
• Power strips with surge protector (up to 12 feet)
• Small bulletin board
• Dishes, utensils
• Study light for bed or desk
• Single cup brewers such as a Keurig
• Landline telephone
• Fish in a ten gallon tank or less
• Shower shoes (for community bath halls)
What Not to Bring - These items are not permitted in residence halls
• Television wall mount brackets
• Halogen lamps and bulbs (including Octopus lamps of any kind)
• Full-Size Refrigerators
• Pets, other than fish
• Double-sided poster tape, push pins, wall nails and screws
• Candles and incense
• Any kitchen appliance with a heating element (see below for details)
• Air conditioners
• Routers
• Holiday lights that are not LED Rope format
Appliances prohibited in the residence halls include:
-       Hot plate
-       Toaster
-       Crock pot
-       Toaster oven
-       Lava lamps
-       Rice cookers
-       Electric frying pan
-       Deep fryer
-       Automatic coffee makers
-       Kettles
-       Ceiling fan
-       Window fan
-       Air conditioner
-       Space heater
-       Halogen lamps
What to Bring for Residence Halls & Apartments
*Other Details
Bedding: All halls have extra-long twin (80”) beds.
Make sure you bring sheets, bedspreads or blankets, and a pillow.
Hanging Room Décor: 3M strips may be useful for one or two months, but have shown to leave damages in our residence halls in the past when used for a full semester. We suggest using blue painter’s tape for lightweight items. Flat-screen television sets cannot be anchored to the wall.
Internet: Each residence hall room provides connection to the residence hall computer network. This network gives you access to the Internet and e-mail. Questions may be directed to the IT Help Desk at 904-256-7200.
Room Fresheners: To have the best living environment possible, we recognize that each person may have different levels of tolerance for smells in a room. “Scentsy” and other type room fresheners are permitted. Please note that these should have approval from all roommates before use. If there is not roommate approval, then they are not permitted for use. Please note that candles and incense are not permitted.
Additional Information for University Village Apartments Only
• Kitchen Appliances: A full-size refrigerator and microwave are provided in the apartments.  Students are also permitted to bring a personal microwave or mini-refrigerator for use in their individual apartment room.