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Housing Contract (2014-2015)

​Jacksonville University Housing Contract (2014-2015)

1. Parties
This Contract is made by, and between, Jacksonville University (also referred to as the University), and the student (referred to as the resident).  The University and The resident, in consideration of the terms and conditions stated in this document, do hereby agree to abide by this contract.

2. Contract Terms & Conditions
Contract Eligibility -
A. Any student who is enrolled full-time at Jacksonville University may enter into this contract.  The University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, veteran status, gender, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity or presence of a disability.  Residents that change from full-time status to part-time status during the contract period are not relieved of their responsibilities under this contract.

B. All new students to Jacksonville University are required to live on-campus at Jacksonville University for two (2) academic years.
C. You are not required to live on-campus during your first two years at Jacksonville University if you meet any of the following criteria:
You are at least 21 years old.
You are legally married.
You are currently serving on active duty in the military.
You live with an immediate family member in Duval, Baker, Nassau, St. Johns, or Clay county Florida.The Residential Life Office defines “immediate family member” as a parent, legal guardian, or a sibling.
You are a transfer student who is at least two years removed from high school.

D. Students are eligible to live in the Village Apartments during the fall and spring semesters if they meet one of the following criteria:
Are 21 years of age or older by the first day of the term.
Have earned 45 or more credit hours by the first day of the term.
Have lived on-campus at Jacksonville University for at least two years (four semesters, excluding summer).
Are at least two years removed from high school.

E. This contract may not be transferred or reassigned.  This includes subletting.

F. Providing false or misleading information constitutes grounds for the University to terminate this contract.

Duration of Contract & Dates of Occupancy -
A. This contract is effective upon application for on-campus housing.  It is binding for the entire academic year or that portion of the academic year remaining at the time of occupancy.  The resident, except under the conditions listed under Contract Release, cannot terminate the housing contract.  Failure to officially check-in does not release a student from the financial obligations for on-campus housing.

B. The occupancy period for returning students begins on August 22, 2014 and ends on December 13, 2014 for the Fall 2014 semester.  The occupancy period for new students begins on August 21, 2014 and ends on December 13, 2014 for the Fall 2014 semester.  For the Spring 2015 semester, the occupancy period for both new and returning students begins on January 2, 2015 and ends on April 25, 2015.

C. On-campus housing outside the established occupancy periods is not guaranteed.

D. Residents agree to vacate their assigned room and officially check-out by the date/time the residence halls close or within 24-hours (whichever occurs first) upon:
Loss of status as an enrolled student
Failure to register for credit course work by the 5th day of classes
After their last exam

E. When a student is removed from housing as a result of disciplinary action the contract is terminated and no room or board fees will be refunded.  Students who are removed from housing can reapply for on-campus housing after the end of the sanctioned removal period.

The University Agrees -
A. The University will provide a room accommodation to the resident for a period of one academic year (limited to the subsequent fall and spring semesters) exclusive of the Winter Break period unless The resident is required to be at the university during this time.  Services provided by the University, including access to the assigned building and room, begin on the designated check-in dates for the specific area.

B. The University will provide staff in accordance with University policy, who will help facilitate a living experience that complements the academic mission of the University.

C. Exclusive of unanticipated weather events and building system failures, both internal and external to the university, that may disrupt service, the University will provide adequate light, heat, electricity, hot water, and telecommunication services (limited to phone and internet connection) to residents using all available resources.  Student rooms shall be furnished with a bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, and wardrobe/closet space.

The Resident Agrees -
The resident agrees to pay all fees specified, to observe all rules and regulations of Jacksonville University and to abide by the Code of Conduct, Residential Life Policies, this contract, and any addendum, as well as other University publications/policies.  Residents assume total responsibility for their room/suite/apartment and for the behavior and activities which occur within all assigned living areas.  Failure to fulfill the terms of the above may lead to termination of this contract, removal from on-campus housing, and discipline action resulting in a sanction  including and up to expulsion.

Rates and Payments –
The following fees (per semester) are subject to approval and change by the Board of Trustees:



2014 - 2015 Room Rates (Per Semester)
Oak Hall
Suite-style Double/semi-private bath  $  3,240
Double/private bath  $  4,210
Suite-style Single/semi-private bath  $  4,530
Single/private bath  $  5,155
Williams, Brest & McGehee Halls
Double  $  2,110
Single  $  3,335
Double with private bath  $  3,100
Single with private bath  $  3,575
Village Apartments
Cascone Hall, Shircliff Hall, Walker Hall, Wilson Hall,   
Mann Hall, Building 6, Building 7, Building 8 ( Buildings 1-8)  $  3,690

2013 - 2014 Board Rates (Per Semester)

5 meals per week + $1000 Flex per semester  $ 1,755
8 meals per week + $900 Flex per semester    $ 1,990

11 meals per week + $525 Flex per semester  $ 1,990
14 meals per week + $350 Flex per semester  $ 2,170
35 meals per semester + $375 Flex per semester - (apt. residents/commuters) 
 $ 700

 Supplemental Plans



$300 Flex per semester                                                                                  $ 290

$150 Flex per semester                                                                                  $ 145


* Meal Swipes may only be used at the Riverview cafe
* Flex $ can be used to purchase any item in all food service locations
* Supplemental Plans can be purchased in addition to traditional plans
Supplemental Plans can also be purchased separately by commuter students


A. Newly admitted students must pay the university enrollment deposit prior to obtaining access to the housing application. The university enrollment deposit is a separate fee managed through the Bursar’s Office.

B. Current students must have a balance of less than $500 on their student account in order to access the housing application.

C. All charges from the Residential Life Office are billed to individual student accounts.  Payment of fees can be arranged through the Bursar’s Office.

D. Once a student has picked up a room key, he/she is responsible for a minimum 20% charge for room and board, notwithstanding charges based on the refund schedule.

E. Refunds for room and board charges will be made based on the following schedule:

Fall 2013
Cancellation Prior to August 22, 2014: Full Refund
Cancellation Prior to August 29, 2014: 80% Refund
Cancellation Prior to September 5, 2014: 60% Refund
Cancellation Prior to September 12, 2014: 40% Refund
Cancellation Prior to September 19, 2014: 20% Refund
Cancellation On or After September 20, 2014: No Refund

Spring 2014
Cancellation Prior to January 2, 2015: Full Refund
Cancellation Prior to January 9, 2015: 80% Refund
Cancellation Prior to January 16, 2015: 60% Refund
Cancellation Prior to January 23, 2015: 40% Refund
Cancellation Prior to January 30, 2015: 20% Refund
Cancellation On or After January 31, 2015: No Refund

F. Room and board fees are not refunded to residents removed from on-campus housing for disciplinary reasons.

G. An additional fee may be assessed for housing that is provided outside the regular contract period.

Room Assignment -
A. Room assignments for new students are made by Residential Life staff.  Roommates are randomly matched by a computer program unless a student has requested a particular roommate(s) using the procedures defined by the Residential Life Office.

B. The University reserves the right to change a student’s housing assignment when deemed necessary.

C. The University reserves the right to consolidate vacancies at any time.

D. No guarantee is made concerning the number of occupants in a room.  If a vacancy occurs in a room, the remaining student(s) in that room should expect a new occupant at any time; failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.

E. Occupancy of any room is limited to the resident(s) assigned to that room.  A resident who has contracted with the University for on-campus housing may not sublet, loan, assign, or transfer the contract to another person.  Only contracted residents may occupy the room/apartment.

F. All moves must be authorized by appropriate University staff.  Unauthorized moves may result in the loss of the room change privilege and/or disciplinary action.

Housing Selection Policies -  
A. Continuing students must meet specified University deadlines to retain eligibility for future on-campus housing.  Students who have nondegree or non-credit status are not eligible to participate in housing selection.

B. Housing selection times assigned to students during for priority housing selection are non-transferable.  Continuing students who are eligible to participate in the online housing selection process cannot transfer/sell their eligibility to any other student.  

C. Should the demand for on-campus housing exceed the number of spaces available for returning residents, a housing lottery will be used to determine which students will receive housing.  A lottery process will be announced if necessary.

Dining Options -
A. All students living on-campus are required to have a meal plan during the fall and spring semesters.

B. Students living in the residence halls have the option of choosing a meal plan with 5, 8, 11, or 14 meals per week (including the additional corresponding flex dollars).

C. Students living in the Village Apartments have the option of choosing a meal plan with 5, 8, 11, or 14 meals per week , in addition to the 35 meals per semester meal plan. All plans listed include the additional corresponding flex dollars.

D. Meal plans are not active during Thanksgiving Break, Spring Break, or any other times campus dining facilities are closed.

E. Students living on-campus during the summer semester are not required to have a meal plan.

Contract Release –
A. The resident can request release from the contract, which is subject to the approval of the Director of Residential Life or a designee.  All requests to terminate the contract must be submitted in writing to  A release will be granted only when it has been determined that the resident’s circumstances are substantially different from the time the contract went into effect.  Such releases will be considered for the following reasons: 
A.1. Academic withdrawal or academic dismissal from the University.
A.2. December Graduates.
A.3. Affiliation with Jacksonville University programs that are outside a reasonable commuting distance from campus (e.g., Study Abroad, internships, Co-op, student teaching).

B. Residents who retain enrollment, yet move out of an on-campus housing assignment without approval from Residential Life are responsible for all room and dining fees remaining on the student fee bill.  Returning keys to University staff does not constitute the approval of a release from The On-Campus Housing Contract.

Liability/Responsibility for Personal Property -
The University assumes no legal obligation for damage, theft, or loss of personal property.  Residents are responsible for protecting and securing any personal property located within any on-campus room and are encouraged to obtain appropriate insurance.

Damages and Upkeep of Facilities -
A. The resident is expected to reasonably maintain the assigned living space and common areas relative to order, cleanliness, and safety.  The resident will be held financially accountable for extra cleaning, as well as the repair or replacement cost of any damage to the living space or furnishings therein, and may be subject to disciplinary action.  When two (2) or more residents occupy the same room/apartment and responsibility cannot be ascertained, the damage charge will be assessed equally among the residents.

B. The resident agrees that no alterations, repairs, or modifications will be made to the permanent structure and fixtures of the room, including but not limited to: walls, doors, furniture, bathroom facilities, windows, and other equipment in the room. Painting of rooms, apartments or any common area is prohibited.  

C. The resident assumes responsibility for the daily care and cleaning of the room/apartment and its furnishings, and for maintaining acceptable sanitation and safety conditions.  Periodic cleanliness inspections will be made.

D. If damage occurs in the common areas of residence halls or apartments, all residents living in the building will be charged for the damage if no one can be held individually responsible.

E. The resident agrees not to duplicate any issued keys.  If a key is lost, The Resident agrees to immediately notify the Residential Life Office and to pay charges associated with key and lock core replacement.  The Resident is not permitted to borrow keys that have not been assigned to them by the University or to give their keys to other individuals.

F. The resident may request a temporary key for a lockout without charge by going to the Residential Life Office during normal business hours.  Residents can obtain access to their room after-hours by calling the RA on Call (see below for the RA on Call contact numbers).  The Resident will be assessed $15 for each lockout request made after-hours.
RA on Call #’s by Building (M-Fri  5pm – 8:30am, Weekends)
Oak Hall:
904-307-0788 & 904-305-1220
Williams/Brest/McGehee/Botts Hall:
904-305-0030 & 904-302-3999
Village Apartments:
904-302-1903 & 904-254-4698
Check-In and Check-Out -
A. Specific check-in information will be provided to all resident students via email and the Residential Life website ( 

B. Each resident is given (a) room key(s) upon check-in.  Residents who lose their room key(s), or fail to return keys upon vacating the room, will be charged $55 per key.
C. Residents who utilize the express check out option or fail to check out with a staff member forfeit the opportunity to contest room damages.

D. Student belongings, left in the residential facilities at the end of the contract term, or when a student is no longer assigned to the space, will be immediately removed and recycled, or disposed.  This may result in a cleaning charge of not less than $100.

Room Entry/Inspection -
Authorized University officials (including Resident Advisors) may enter students’ rooms for normal inspection and maintenance purposes.  Staff members who need to enter a room during the performance of their duties will knock and identify themselves.  A resident need not be present for a staff member to enter the room.

Items prohibited by law or University policy in clear view may be confiscated by the staff member and used in a disciplinary proceeding.  Such items will not be returned to students.

If a University staff member, who enters a room to perform his or her duties, has reason to believe:
Items prohibited by law or University policy are concealed from view,
There is a violation of public law or of University regulations or standards, or
There is a possibility of imminent hazard to persons or property;

The staff member may contact the Dean of Students, or designee who shall have the right to conduct or order a search on University property and premises under emergency circumstances, and/or when violations of civil or criminal law or University regulations are in question.  

Reasonable effort shall be made to have the student present during any search, and the student shall be informed as to the reasons for the search and the objects or information sought, except when the Student Life Office or designee believes that a serious emergency exists.

When a designee of the Student Life Office believes prohibited items are contained among a student’s locked possessions, the student shall be requested to make such locked possessions (including cars) accessible.  If a student has refused to give access to his/her possessions, the suspect items may be confiscated for investigation, and used in any disciplinary proceedings.

Rules and Regulations -
Students are responsible for knowing and observing all University and Residential Life rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as stated in all University and Residential Life documents, including but not limited to the Room Condition Report, Student Handbook, Code of Conduct and University Catalog. Students are responsible for signing the Room Condition Report to establish content, condition and subsequent damage or loss.

Revisions -
This contract is subject to revisions.  Residential Life will notify residents of changes via email and by posting new information on the Residential Life web page (

The University reserves the right to adjust this contract as it determines necessary in order to assure fairness, order, efficiency or the physical and emotional security of individuals.

I, the undersigned, promise to pay Jacksonville University all amounts owed on my student account.  I expressly consent to Jacksonville University, its affiliates, agents, and service providers, the following:  using written, electronic, or verbal means to contact me as the law allows, including, but not limited to, contact by manual calling methods, prerecorded or artificial voice messages, emails, and/or automated telephone dialing systems, contacting me by telephone at any telephone number associated with my account, currently or in the future, including wireless telephone numbers, and authorization to record telephone calls regarding my account in assurance of quality and/or other reasons.  I understand that, if I fail to pay my account by the published deadline(s), my account may be placed with a collection agency and/or for legal action.  If such action is taken, I agree to pay all collection costs, attorney fees and other fees incurred as the result of the collection of any amount not paid.


This contract becomes effective when signed by the applicant and received by the Residential Life Office. This contract is effective for the length of time the student is required to live in campus housing. The contract cannot be terminated without the expressed written consent of the Residential Life Office and only after conditions have been met for release as stated in the "Contract Release” portion of this contract.