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Academic Calendar

Academic Component Schedule 2013-2014

Upward Bound Program - Jacksonville University - 256-7150

Sept. 7 Classes Begin, Seminar* (Student Fall Orientation & Summer Academic Awards Presentation)
Sept. 14           Classes continue, SGA Meeting, Parent Meeting (10:30 am), and Birthdays (Aug, Sept. &Oct)
Sept. 21           Classes continue, {ACT Test - register by  Aug. 23}
Sept. 28           Classes continue
Oct. 5  Classes continue, Seminar*, {SAT Test – registered by Sept. 6}
Oct. 12            National College Fair at the Prime F. Osborn Convention Center from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
·       Bus transportation provided (see bus schedule)
·       Parents drop-off and pick-up at Convention Center NOT – JU
·       No breakfast provided today
Oct. 19            Classes continue, SGA Meeting, Parent Meeting (10:30 am)
Oct. 26            Classes continue, {ACT Test - register by  Sept. 27}
Nov. 2 Classes continue, Seminar* {SAT Test – registered by Oct. 3}
Nov. 9 No Upward Bound-Veteran’s Day
Nov. 16           Classes resume, SGA Meeting & Parent Meeting (10:30 am), Birthdays (Nov. & Dec.)
Nov. 23           Classes continue, 1st Honor Roll Celebration
Nov. 30           No Upward Bound - Thanksgiving Weekend
Dec. 7  Classes resume, Seminar èChristmas Party and student/teacher raffle, {SAT Test – registered by Nov.8}
Dec. 14 – Jan. 4                      No Upward Bound - Christmas Break,
{ACT Test Date = Dec. 14 – registered by Nov. 8}
JU UB Academic Component Schedule 2013-2014 (Continued)
Jan. 11 Classes resume, Seminar*
Jan. 18 Black History/Trio Day Celebration (TBA)
Jan 25 Classes Resume, SGA Meeting & Parent Meeting (10:30 am), Birthdays (Jan. & Feb.),
{SAT TEST –registered by Dec. 27}
Feb 1               Classes continue, Seminar*
Feb. 8  Classes continue, 2nd Honor Roll Celebration {ACT Test –registered by Jan. 10}
Feb. 15            College Visit/Field Trip- TBA
Feb. 22            Classes resume
Feb. 28            Classes continue
Mar. 1 Classes resume, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon 11-30-1:00pm (Bus will return 1hr earlier)
Mar. 8 Classes continue, SGA Meeting & Parent Meeting (10:30 am), Birthdays (Mar/Apr/May),
{SAT Test  –registered by Feb. 7}
Mar. 15-22      No Upward Bound - Spring Break March 17-March 21 - Spring trip sometime this week!
Mar. 29           Classes resume, Seminar*
Apr. 5              No Upward Bound-Staff  Tri-State Professional Training
Apr. 12            Classes resume, SGA Meeting & Parent Meeting (10:30 am), Honor Roll Celebration,
{ACT Test –registered by Mar. 7}
April 19          No Upward Bound –Easter Weekend
April 26          Classes resume
May 3              No Upward Bound - JU Graduation Day {SAT TEST  - registered  by Apr.4}
May 10            Classes resume, Seminar*
May 17            Last day of classes, Classes 8:00-10:40am, Senior Graduation Ceremony 10:45-Noon.
***Class times are 8 am to Noon, except Seminar days (usually the 1st Saturday), which go until 2 pm***
Jacksonville University Upward Bound

Bus Schedule 2013-2014

Bus Pick up at - Ribault 6:50 am, Raines 6:55, Jackson 7:10, Lee 7:20. Englewood 7:35 - Arrive at JU 8:00 am
Leave JU at 12:00 pm. Arrive at - Englewood 12:20, Lee 12:35, Jackson 12:50, Raines 1:00, Ribault 1:05 pm
*On seminar days - leave JU at 2:00 pm. Arrive at - Englewood 2:20, Lee 2:35, Jackson 2:50, Raines 3:00, Ribault 3:05 pm.
Bus Stops:
  • Ribault High School   At the corner of Winton and Howell
  • Raines High School    In front of the entrance gate on Raines Ave by the outfield house
  • Jackson High School  On 29th Street at the regular school bus stop (by the band room)
  • Lee High School          McDuff Ave. - in front of the school at the bus turnoff
  • Englewood High          Off Barnes Rd. in the main parking lot by the auditorium
Field Trip – Oct. 12th to Prime Osborne Convention Center – bus pick-up at the schools is one hour later than above, bus return times are the same.
Bus Pick up at: Ribault 7:50 am, Raines 7:55, Jackson 8:10, Lee 8:20. Englewood 8:35. Arrive at Convention Center 9:00 am.
Leave Convention Center at 12:00 pm: Englewood 12:20, Lee 12:35, Jackson 12:50, Raines 1:00,
Ribault 1:05 pm.
(Please note – drop-off and pick-up is at the Convention Center.  JU will not be opened this Saturday.)
Field Trip – Feb 15th   TBA  
Teachers Appreciation Day – March 1st      Bus pick-up times at the schools are the regular times.
*Bus return times are one hour earlier, than seminar times: Englewood 1:20 pm, Lee 1:35, Jackson 1:50,
Raines 2:00, Ribault 2:05 pm.
Reminders Parents & Students:
Ø  You must be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
Ø  You must be standing at the bus stop, not in a parked car, when the bus arrives.  (The bus driver may not see you if you are inside a vehicle.)
Ø  All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a manner reflecting the true spirit of the principles that uphold the Upward Bound Program at all times – including on the bus!
Ø  No participant will be allowed to act in such a way that can reasonably be expected to disturb the academic pursuit or infringe upon the privacy rights, privileges, health or safety of other persons.
Ø  Respect for others is to be shown by using acceptable language, no profanity!  Everyone is expected to be considerate of others’ feelings.