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Wireless Services

DolphinNetWhitesmall.gifWe offer two wireless networks. The Public Access network is intended for guests visiting the university. It only allows access to web sites on the Internet. You will not be able to access the JU network nor any of our websites. The second, DolphinNet, is for our students, alumni, faculty and employees. It gives you the same access to our network as a wired connection. This means you can connect to your H: drive, other shared drives and printers. You also have full access to the JU websites.

To assist you in connecting to DolphinNet, we have set up a website with instructions. If you are running Windows Vista or 7, there is even some software that will automatically set up your computer (Windows 8 doesnt need the software). You do not have to be a Local Administrator on your computer to set up a wireless connection.

Wireless Coverage Map


Before downloading the DolphinNet configuration files please read our


Jacksonville University is not responsible for any damage caused to your PC when installing this software. Users also have the option to setup their connection to DolphinNet manually by following the instructions provided.

All computers connecting to DolphinNet will need to be registered on the network. The process of registration will scan and verify that the user has the latest critical updates and patches for the operating system of the computer that is being registered (Windows Vista, 7, 8) (Mac OS 10.6 or higher). 

If all updates for Windows or Mac OS X are not installed, the registration process will NOT continue.  To make sure your computer is up to date with the latest version of your operating system (Windows or Mac OS X), please do the following:

On Windows:  Click on START, then click ALL PROGRAMS, then click WINDOWS UPDATE.  There will be a window that comes up walking you through the update process.  Keep repeating this process till the window says, 'Windows is up to date'

On Mac OS X:  Click on the Apple in the upper left hand corner, then click SOFTWARE UPDATE.  Install any updates that are listed till it says Up-To-Date.

This process will also verify you to have a updated and latest version of a virus scanner.  This is mandatory for either Windows PCs and Apple Computers. 

If you do not have a virus scanner installed on your computer, please go to the following sites to download a free virus scanner:

Avast -

Sophos -

If you are using a Apple Computer, you can download a free anti-virus program from the Apps Store.  Just start the Apps Store and search for a program called ClamXAV.  Once this is downloaded and updated, try to register again.

The registration process will need to be done at least once a semester OR if you havent been on campus in more than 2 weeks.

The registration process will take place the first time you open your internet browser while connected to the DolphinNet Wireless Network. Step by step instructions on how to register can be found at this link:  Campus Manager


Please Note:  All information in this area is saved in .PDF style documents.  To read these files, you might need Adobe Reader.  If you click on the above files and they do not open, please go to the following site to install Adobe Reader:

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free Program)



Please Note:  Automatic configurations of the DolphinNet connection will ONLY work with Employees, Faculty, Students, or Alumni.  If you are a visitor to the campus, please go to the section that says Connection Instructions for Public Access.


Windows XP Users:
As of April 9th 2014, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP.  Updates, security patches, and fixes to the operating system will no longer be offered by Microsoft.  This could pose a vulnerability since a security flaw could be found and exploited.  To protect the campus network, computers using Windows XP will NOT be allow to connect to DolphinNet.  Computers using Windows XP can ONLY connect to Public_Access.


Windows Vista:

DolphinNetVistaP - Employee/Faculty/Student/Alumni Personal Computers
DolphinNetVistaJU - Employee/Faculty JU Computer

Windows 7/8:

DolphinNetWin7P - Employee/Faculty/Student/Alumni Personal Computers
DolphinNetWin7JU - Employee/Faculty JU Computer


Please Note:  Manual configurations of the DolphinNet connection will ONLY work with Employees, Faculty, Students, or Alumni.  If you are a visitor to the campus, please go to the section that says Connection Instructions for Public Access.


Windows Vista:
Windows Vista DolphinNet.pdf                                                                                    

Windows 7:
Windows 7 DolphinNet.pdf                                                                                          

Macintosh OSX:
Mac OS 10.4 DolphinNet.pdf                                                                                       
Mac OS 10.5 DolphinNet.pdf                                                                                       

Linux, Handheld Devices and Third Party Wireless Configuration Utilities:



How to connect to JU's Wireless Public Access Network