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Parents and Families

Parents and family members play an integral role in assisting their student(s) in making successful academic, professional and career decisions. Together, parents, family members and the Career Development Center can assist students in their career development, by promoting critical career thinking and supporting the exploration of career options.


What role you play in the development of your student's career:

  • Encourage your student(s) to engage in the career development process as early as possible, and visit the Career Development Center to obtain guidance and support in these efforts.

  • Support your student's exploration of all possible career options, despite any potential disagreement with their current interests and vision.

  • Keep an open mind and listen to your students ideas, hopes, dreams and fears.

  • If approached, promote the development of decision-making skills by providing objective and unbiased assistance in your student's career decision making process, examining costs and benefits.

  • Emphasize the importance of experiential learning. Suggest that your student(s) seek an internship, job shadowing opportunity, volunteer work, informational interview, part-time and seasonal employment.

  • Welcome discussions regarding career-related issues and concerns, including lifestyle choices and occupational satisfaction.

  • Don't hesitate to share your experiences, successes and pitfalls, during your career planning and development.

  • Promote the establishment of mentoring relationships with JU faculty and staff.

  • Encourage your student's involvement in on-campus organizations and extracurricular activities.

  • Most importantly, encourage your student to utilize all available campus resources when planning their career.

What role the Career Development Center plays in the development of your student's career:

The Career Development Center‚Äč is available to assist students in the development of a career plan and path. The center offers a wide range of innovative services and programming, designed to stimulate critical thinking and facilitate the attainment of career knowledge. Our staff works rigorously to adapt our services to the individual needs of each student we assist. For a detailed list of the services provided by our center, please visit the Students section of our site