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The Undergraduate Program in the department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) is newly formed.  Last fall, the CSD department launched the new undergraduate prerequisit courses needed for the foundation of graduate studies in speech-language pathology.  These courses were offered in a hybrid format. As of Spring 2014, the prerequisit courses are offered FULLY ONLINE.




 SEE Speech pathology ONLINE.pdfSpeech pathology ONLINE.pdf




Spring 2014

CSD 200 - Phonetics: Theory and Transcription (3 credits)

CSD 201 - Speech and Language Development (3 credits)

CSD 202 - Introduction to Speech Production Disorders (3 credits)

CSD 300 - Neuroanatomy (3 credits)

CSD 301 - Speech Anatomy and Physiology (3 credits)

CSD 302 - Acoustics (3 credits)

CSD 400 - Clinical Observation (1 credits)


The primary mission of the undergraduate curriculum in CSD is to provide the core curriculum that prepares students for advanced study in speech-language pathology and/or to provide students with a broad liberal arts education.  We anticipate offering the full undergraduate course offerings toward a major in the CSD department (College of Health Sciences) by fall, 2014. It is our goal that the undergraduate curriculum emphasizes the principles and applications of knowledge in both healthy and disordered communication as a natural and social science. Enrollment in the prerequisite courses does NOT  constitute or ensure acceptance into the Jacksonville University, MS SLP graduate program. 

 Please Note:

  • Students who hold a bachelor’s degree in a field that is not in CSD, Speech-Language Pathology, or the equivalent, should work to complete as many or all of the prerequisite courses before they begin graduate work in Speech-Language Pathology at JU.
  • Many speech-language pathologists begin their educations with undergraduate degrees in majors other than CSD. However, for non-CSD majors, the prerequisites are typically required, which would add to the time involved in attaining the degree. Each graduate program determines the courses that are required for admission to their program. Some may admit students to their program and provide the prerequisite classes, while others may admit students on a conditional basis, pending successful completion of the prerequisite coursework.