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 Joint Degree Program: Nursing and Business Administration
Jacksonville University offers a joint-degree program in which qualified students may obtain both a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.  This innovative program allows cross crediting of coursework. This joint program is designed for nurses interested in executive-level management careers.  Jacksonville University’s program offers broad exposure to advanced-level nursing knowledge in managing and planning health care services.  Students enrolled in the joint MSN/MBA program complete graduate level core courses in nursing and business.  Graduates are awarded a Master of Science in Nursing and a Master of Business Administration.  If students complete the MSN requirements prior to the MBA requirements they will be issue a letter indicating the completion of the MSN.  The degree is a joint degree and will be conferred at the completion of both programs. Students who choose the joint MSN/MBA program will be required to apply to and be admitted into both the MSN and MBA programs.  They will be required to complete 37 credits in the Davis College of Business Graduate Program and 18 credits through the School of Nursing MSN program for a total of 55 credits. Because the MSN curriculum includes graduate courses in Leadership and Information Technology, the MGT 550-Leading Organizations, MGT 600-Leadership Development Portfolio, and DSIM 518-Competing through Innovation and Information Technology will not be required of the MSN/MBA students.


MSN Nursing Core


NUR 510 Nursing Theory & Research I 3
NUR 512 Organization, Delivery, and Policy in Healthcare 3
NUR 514 Nursing Leadership and Advanced Roles 3
NUR 516 Information Systems & Technology for Improved Healthcare 3
NUR 520 Nursing Research & Theory II 3
NUR 551 Advanced Role Practicum 3
NUR 560 Research based Project (if needed) 0
Total 18



The MSN/MBA program requires the following 12 credit hours of graduate nursing and business prerequisite courses before the student may enroll in higher level MBA coursework:


ACCT 500 Essentials of Accounting 2
DSIM 500 Essentials of Quantitative Methods 2
ECS 500* Essentials of Economics 2
MGT 566 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business 3
MGT 610 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
Total 12



*May substitute two (2) semesters of undergraduate Economics​

The MSN/MBA joint degree requires the following MBA coursework in addition to the prerequisite graduate nursing and business courses listed above:


FIN 500 Essential of Finance 2
DSIM 570 Optimizing Operations Management 2
DSIM 530 Analytical Methods for Decision-Making 2
ACCT 522 Financial Acct. for Managerial Control 3
INB 555 Competing in the Global Economy 3
ECON 520 Optimizing Financial Performance 3
MKG 540 Strategic Marketing in a Digital Economy 3
​FIN 534 ​Optimizing Financial Performance ​3
​MGT 553/554 ​Global Corporate Strategy I/II ​2
Total 23