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Exercise Science Faculty In The News 

Mindful eating for physical activity and athletes - Dr. Shahla Khan 

Don’t just cover up in the Florida sun — drink up, JU’s Hausenblas tells Tampa newspaper - Dr. Heather Hausenblas

The Goods: Myths and facts about okra - Dr. Shahla Khan

JU’s Hausenblas makes sense of exercise addiction on health and fitness website - Dr. Heather Hausenblas

Just in time for Mother’s Day: JU Prof. Heather Hausenblas in FoxNews magazine with “Beauty Secrets for Mom” - Dr. Heather Hausenblas

JU Prof. Heather Hausenblas researches effects of “ideal body” images on mood, eating behavior - Dr. Heather Hausenblas

JU Prof. Heather Hausenblas offers WJXT viewers tips on holiday snacking - Dr. Heather Hausenblas

Wine and chocolate: To your health? So says JU Associate Professor of Exercise Science Heather Hausenblas - Dr. Heather Hausenblas

JU to Host Sport Management and Medicine Conference April 11 - Drs. Maetozo, Hausenblas, and Robertson


Exercise Science Faculty Recent Publications

Independent segmental inhibitory modulation of synaptic efficacy of the soleus H-reflex
     2013 - Dr. Chris Robertson, crobert17@ju.edu

Media effects of experimental presentation of the ideal physique on eating disorder symptoms: a meta-analysis of laboratory studies
     2013 - Dr. Heather Hausenblas, hhausen@ju.edu

Temporal depression of the soleus H-reflex during passive stretch
     2012 - Dr. Chris Robertson, crobert17@ju.edu

Upper-extremity H-reflex measurement post-stroke: reliability and inter-limb differences
     2012 - Dr. Chris Robertson, crobert17@ju.edu  

Eating disorder-specific health-related quality of life and exercise in college females
     2011 - Dr. Heather Hausenblas, hhausen@ju.edu