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If you are ready to apply for admission to Jacksonville University, please use our online application. Submit the online portion and then complete your application by sending any required paper documents to the address below. If you have any questions, call the Office of Admission at 800-225-2027 ext 7000.

Office of Admissions
Jacksonville University
2800 University Blvd N
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Please select the following appropriate application:

  • Freshman - High school seniors, or high school graduates who have not attended college after completing high school. Includes dual enrolled students and students with AP/IB credit.  
  • Transfer -  A student who has attended another college or university after graduating from high school.
  • International - Freshman and Transfer students who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent residents of the U.S. 
    Please note: International students seeking Graduate Degrees or Accelerated Bachelor Degrees are not to complete this application, but rather the appropriate program application found below.
  • Non-Degree – Students who wish to take a course for college credit without pursuing a degree.
  • Transient Students- Students who are degree candidates at another institution and wish to attend JU to earn credits to apply to the degree program at the institution where they are matriculated.
  • Study Abroad - Students who are degree candidates at another institution and wish to enroll in a Jacksonville University study abroad program.
  • Upward Bound - Students who wish to enroll in a Jacksonville University's Upward Bound program.
  • Accelerated Degree Program (ADP) – Designed for working adults with evening and weekend classes.  Degree Programs include: BBA with majors in business administration, management, marketing, and a BS with a major in social sciences.  International students who wish to apply for the ADP should complete this application versus the International (traditional day student) application.  
    Please note: Any International student seeking to obtain the Accelerated Degree should complete this application.
  • Graduate Students - Students who have obtained a Bachelor's Degree and is seeking a Master's Degree or desires to take graduate level courses.  Please note: Any International student seeking to obtain a Master's Degree should complete this application.
    • Graduate Students in Education and Mathematics - Students seeking admission into the following programs:
      1. Master of Education in Leadership and Learning
      2. Master of Art in Mathematics
      3. Teaching Certification Preparation Program
      4. Graduate Application
    • Master in Business Administration Students – Students interested in obtaining their Masters in Business Administration can complete the online MSN/MBA Application.  Please direct any program or admissions questions to Marie Peoples at  bcopela1@ju.edu
    • Graduate Nursing Students – Nurses with Bachelor Degrees seeking admission into the Masters Nursing program, please contact Brittany Copeland at bcopela1@ju.edu  
    • Click for MSN Application
  • Orthodontics Students – Dentists seeking admission into the Orthodontics program should contact Sharon Frazier at 904-256-7847 or sfrazie@ju.edu
  • On-Line Nursing Students – Registered Nurses seeking admission into the On-line BSN program should contact University Alliance at 800-404-7355 or go to the JU On-line Nursing Application.​